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29% of Americans Have Had Sex at the Beach, and Another 43% Want To


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I'll never sit on a public beach again without wondering how many couples out there in the water are secretly DOING IT.



A new survey for National Beach Day found 29% of American adults have had sex at the beach before.



The question was specifically about sex "AT a beach," not "ON a beach."  So getting freaky in the water counts too.



Another 43% said they've never indulged in any beach lovin', but WANT to.  Only 28% said they've never done it, and never will.



So is it even worth it with all that sand everywhere?  Well, 80% of people who've done it say they'd do it again . . . even though there's a chance they could get caught.  17% of people who've gotten busy at the beach said someone caught them in the act.



The survey also found 7% of American adults have never even seen the ocean before.



And one more random stat:  1% of people said the best thing to drink at the beach is MILK.  (???)  The top three answers were water, lemonade, and beer. 

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