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Matt Lauer Is Telling People He'll Be "Back on TV"


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MATT LAUER is either optimistic about a career resurgence . . . or he's delusional.  The "New York Post" says he ran into some fans at a restaurant, and he told them that he'll be back soon.



A so-called source said, quote, "A group of older ladies came over to [him], saying, 'We miss you!' . . . and he said, 'I've been busy being a dad.  But don't worry, I'll be back on TV.'"  (The source didn't say anything about Matt making a lewd comment or exposing himself . . . so maybe he has turned a corner.)  (???)



Naturally, there are no details about what he'd be doing on TV . . . since he clearly won't be coming back to the "Today" show.



(Just thinking aloud here:  He's probably been knocked down enough to do "Dancing with the Stars" . . . and he's single now, so technically he qualifies for "The Bachelor".)



(On a related note, BILL COSBY would also like his supporters to know that he's "been real busy being a dad" recently, so not to worry.)

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