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The Eagles' "Greatest Hits" Has Overtaken Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to Become the Best-Selling Album of All Time


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If you're a big bar trivia person, you probably know that the best-selling album of all time is MICHAEL JACKSON's "Thriller".  Well, that's no longer the case.



Yesterday, the Recording Industry Association of America announced that the EAGLES' "Greatest Hits 1971-1975" was certified 38-TIMES PLATINUM, and has overtaken the #1 spot.  That's 38 million in sales.



That Eagles album was #1 for most of the early 2000s, until "Thriller" surpassed it after Michael's death in 2009.



"Thriller" is now in second place, at 33x Platinum, and "Hotel California" . . . also by the Eagles . . . is in third at 26x Platinum.



If you're wondering how the Eagles can suddenly have a lead of over 5 million in sales over Michael, it's because the RIAA doesn't calculate individual album sales very often.  In fact, they last updated the Eagles "Greatest Hits" in 2006, when it was certified 29-times platinum. 



The numbers for "Thriller" are still fairly accurate.  They last tallied the sales for that album last year. 

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