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Woman's dismembered body found boiled on kitchen stove, cops say

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The dismembered remains of Magdalena Aguilar Romero, 25, were discovered at her ex-husband's home.

The dismembered remains of a woman who vanished from a town in southern Mexico were discovered inside pots atop a stove in her ex-husband’s home.

Magdalena Aguilar Romero, 25, was last seen leaving her home in the city of Taxco the morning of Jan. 13, after saying she was going to pick up her children from her ex-husband’s home, police said.

State security spokesman Roberto Alvarez said the woman’s remains were found Monday in the home of her ex-husband, who local media identified as Cesar Gomez Arciniega.

“It is presumed that she was cooked,” he said.

Police said Romero’s legs and arms were found inside a pot on the stove, while her already cooked pelvis was found in a bag near the stove, El Milenio reported. In a nearby refrigerator, the rest of the body was found.

Police said they are investigating Arciniega for “femicide,” or the killing of a woman when the motive is directly related to the victim’s gender. It is unclear if he has been arrested.

In a statement, the government of Taxco said it “vigorously condemns the cowardly murder of Magdalena Aguilar, which irreparably hurts our society.”

“[It] reiterates the work that needs to be done to protect and rebuild the social fabric of our municipality,” the statement continued. “From the time her disappearance was known, we have offered all the support to Magdalena’s family, with who we have always shown solidarity and to whom we show our unconditional support.”

It added: “We demand that those responsible be punished to the full weight of the law and that this act does not go unpunished."

According to a report released last month by the Mexican government and the UN Women agency, murders of women in the country have risen sharply over the last decade following two decades of decline.


The Mexican state of Guerrero had the second highest “femicide” rate in 2016.  (Google Maps)

Sky News reported that, of the 52,210 killings of women reported in Mexico since 1985, nearly a third have taken place since 2011.

Guerrero was named to have the second highest “femicide” rate in 2016.

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