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One Church I lost respect for

Mike Peer

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Country star, self-proclaimed ‘Second Amendment guy’ blames NRA for Vegas massacre

Jul 27, 2018 11:25 pm
Country star, self-proclaimed ‘Second Amendment guy’ blames NRA for Vegas massacre

Eric Church said the NRA is to blame for the massacre in Las Vegas in October. (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

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A country singer who was a headliner at the Las Vegas festival where more than 50 people were gunned down in October said that the National Rifle Association is to blame for the tragic massacre, according to a Rolling Stone interview.

The singer, Eric Church, said the massacre was preventable if lobbyists hadn’t been such a road block to gun control measures that may have kept guns out of the murderer’s hands.

“There are some things we can’t stop,” Church said. “Like the disgruntled kid who takes his dad’s shotgun and walks into a high school. But we could have stopped the guy in Vegas.

“I blame the lobbyists. And the biggest in the gun world is the NRA.”


How is it the NRA’s fault?

Church said the NRA wields too much influence over legislators, and have created an environment where dangerous people have too much easy access to weapons.

“I don’t care who you are — you shouldn’t have that kind of power over elected officials,” Church said. “To me it’s cut-and-dried: The gun-show [loophole] would not exist if it weren’t for the NRA, so at this point in time, if I was an NRA member, I would think I had more of a problem than the solution. I would question myself real hard about what I wanted to be in the next three, four, five years.”

Still a gun rights supporter?

Church still views himself as a supporter of gun rights, although he said the amount of firepower the Vegas gunman had at his disposal was excessive and not what the Second Amendment was meant to allow.

“As a gun guy, the number of rounds [the shooter] fired was un f***ing believable to me,” Church told Rolling Stone. “I saw a video on YouTube from the police officer’s vest cam, and it sounded like an army was up there. I don’t think our forefathers ever thought the right to bear arms was that.”

(H/T Fox News)

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