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Mom leaves 6 yr old home alone during workdays

Mike Peer

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OCSO: Crestview Mom Left 6-Year-Old Home Alone During Workdays

A Crestview mom left her 6-year-old son home alone every day while she went to work for Florida's Department of Juvenile Justice, deputies said Wednesday. 

The boy told investigators he would open the door for strangers, did not have anyone to play with, and watched movies on his laptop all day, according to a news release from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Roseann Rediker, 26, a juvenile detention officer, is charged with child neglect.  

A deputy found the six-year-old at home Tuesday with no adults present. The child was interviewed by the Department of Children and Families. During the interview he said he used the oven to cook lunch, would chase his puppy down the street if he got loose, and that he was there alone workdays from before he woke up to nearly dark.

When asked about safety plans, the child said if there was a fire, he would get his dog out first, then open the garage door to go to a neighbors house to call 9-1-1. Investigators added that the boy didn’t have access to any means of communication within the house to call for help if he needed it.

In a separate interview, Rediker said she did not think there was an issue with leaving the child home alone but did admit that the child had no way to contact her or emergency services if there was an issue, according to an arrest affidavit. 

“The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice does not tolerate any behavior that jeopardizes the safety of children. DJJ is currently in the process of immediately terminating this staff person," DJJ officials wrote in a statement to News 13. 

They added that the department has no programs to assist employees with childcare during work. 

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