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Are These the Ten Best Fast Food Dessert Menus?


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Someone went through the dessert menus of a bunch of different fast food places . . . taste-tested a bunch of stuff . . . and then ranked the ten BEST fast food dessert menus.



They ranked them according to taste and variety.  And they put DAIRY QUEEN at the top . . . which is kind of the obvious choice, since they specialize in dessert.  Here are the full rankings . . .



1.  Dairy Queen.  Signature items include Blizzards, brownies, funnel cake, Fudge Stuffed Cookies, and ice cream cakes.



2.  Wienerschnitzel.  Their dessert menu is done by Tastee-Freez, so they've got a lot of ice cream stuff.



3.  Chick-fil-A.  They've got shakes, cookies, soft serve, a frozen coffee drink, and a frozen lemonade.



4.  Jack in the Box.  Shakes, mini churros, chocolate cake, and cheesecake.



5.  Carl's Jr. and Hardee's.  Carl's Jr. has shakes, cookies, and cake.  Most Hardee's locations have apple turnovers instead of cake.



6.  Taco Bell.  They've got slushies, cinnamon twists, a caramel apple empanada, and those weird little cream-filled Cinnabon balls.



7.  McDonald's.  Their biggest dessert item is the McFlurry.  But they've also got shakes, sundaes, soft serve, cookies, and apple pie.



8.  Burger King.  It's got most of the same options as McDonald's . . . plus things like Oreo cheesecake and Twix ice cream pie.  But the people who did the list claim nothing on their dessert menu is that great.



9.  Wendy's.  Way down in 9th place, because all they have are Frostys and cookies.



10.  Kentucky Fried Chicken.  All they've got are cookies, and a so-so chocolate cake called "The Big Finish."



A few snubs include White Castle and its "Cheesecake on a Stick" . . . Sonic's fairly decent shake and ice cream options . . . and absolutely no love for Long John Silver's Deep Fried Twinkie. 


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