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Baby In Hot Car Saved By Alert Witness In Florida (VIDEO)


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Baby In Hot Car Saved By Alert Witness In Florida (VIDEO)

ORANGE CITY, FL — A baby boy left behind in a hot car in Florida was rescued after a witness saw him alone in the car and called 911.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to a parking lot in Orange City around 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday. The door to the car was unlocked and the witness opened it and found that the 8-month-old boy was ok.

Authorities that responded to the scene confirmed that the boy was in good health.


Volusia County Sheriff Michael Chitwood thanked the woman who called 911. In a video, Chitwood said the community avoided a tragedy thanks to the good samaritan whom he identified as Jessica Kaiser.

"The temperature was 93 degrees, the windows were up and that child was in the car seat with no air conditioning," Chitwood said.


Meagan Burgess, 33, the child's mother, came back to the car about 24 minutes after the 911 call was made. The sheriff's office said Burgess told deputies she had forgotten the baby was in the car as she had just dropped off several other children and a family member at her father's house.

In the video posted by Chitwood, Burgess can be seen crying and distraught when she realizes she left her baby in the car.

"Is he ok?" she asks through tears. First responders and Kaiser tell her he's fine and she proceeds to hug Kaiser and thanks her for saving the child's life.

"Had that woman, had Jessica Kaiser not come out and been observant like that, we would have been discussing a tragedy of an 8-month-old child," Kaiser said in the video.

Deputies say Burgess said leaving the baby in the car was her worst fear. She was charged with child neglect.

Photo screenshot via YouTube

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