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Roseanne Went Off the Deep End Again


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ROSEANNE must be back on the Ambien again, because she posted a bizarre video the other night, where she tried to "explain" the Valerie Jarrett Tweet that got her in so much trouble.



Looking completely disheveled and smoking a cigarette, she screamed, quote, "I thought the [B-word] was white!  [Gosh darn] it, I thought the [B-word] was white!  [Eff]!" 



(WARNING!!!  This clip is UNCENSORED.)





Then she released a second video where she looked and sounded a lot more together.



She said she tried to explain her position to ABC, and offered to go on any show they wanted her to and clarify that she thought Jarrett was white.  But instead, she was immediately fired and labeled a racist.



She added, quote, "Why, you ask?  Well, the answer is simple.  It's because I voted for Donald Trump and that is not allowed in Hollywood."



Roseanne's son Jake says she's going to keep releasing content on her YouTube channel, where no networks can mess with it.  It'll include interviews with family and friends.







2018-07-23 04_16_02-Window.png

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