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George Michael overdosed on party drug GHB and was rushed to hospital after collapsing in the bath


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He was found unconscious in a bath in 2014 after taking the Class-C drug.

In emails seen by The Sun, Fadi said George killed himself, adding: 'It took five attempts'

The revelation comes after the singer’s lover Fadi Fawaz claimed yesterday that George deliberately killed himself on Christmas Eve 2016 — and did not die of natural causes on Christmas Day as officially concluded.

In emails seen by The Sun, Fadi alleged it took “five attempts” over the years for the troubled Wham! icon to finally commit suicide.


Now we can reveal that in 2014 George took GHB, a muscle-relaxing drug popular in the gay community, before passing out at his home in Highgate, North London.

He was found unconscious by a friend in a bath full of water and needed emergency hospital treatment.

His agent at the time refused to say what caused his collapse, instead saying he had been in hospital for “routine tests”.

But an insider said: “He took too much GHB and couldn’t be revived. He had been found unconscious in the bath, under water.”

George, worth more than £100million when he died, was a regular drug user and had been arrested repeatedly for possession.


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