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Bear breaks into home, attacks elderly wheelchair bound woman

Mike Peer

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Bear attacks elderly wheelchair-bound woman after breaking into her home, raiding her kitchen

Jul 18, 2018 3:57 pm
Bear attacks elderly wheelchair-bound woman after breaking into her home, raiding her kitchen

A New Hampshire woman is lucky to be alive after surviving a bear attack in her kitchen. (Image source: WBZ-TV video screenshot)

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A bear attacked a 71-year-old Groton, New Hampshire, woman after it had broken into her house, raided her kitchen, and left a path of destruction in its wake.

What are the details?

According to WBZ-TV, Apryl Rogers ran into the bear in the very early hours Tuesday morning.

Rogers’ daughter, Stacey Murray, believes that the bear entered the home through its side door and began raiding the kitchen and cabinets.

Rogers, who is wheelchair-bound, is believed to have heard the disturbance in the night and wheeled herself into the kitchen, where she came face to face with a bear.

Rogers reportedly shouted at the bear to leave her home, and the bear reportedly swiped at Rogers several times, causing facial injuries as well as fractures of both her head and neck.

“Her injuries are all facial injuries she has nothing else because it swiped her a couple times. There’s a possibility she gonna lose an eye and we are not sure about the other one right now,” Murray said.

“After it attacked her somehow some way she was able to get to a phone and call 911, which is a miracle in itself,” Murray said according to WBZ.


#GrotonNH home ransacked by a black bear who came face to face with 71-yr old wheelchair bound woman. #7News



According to the station’s report, claw marks were visible on the kitchen door and the cabinets were cleaned out.

“[The kitchen] was just a complete mess,” Murray said. “Even the door to the oven was open. There was bear feces everywhere; there was blood all over the place. It was like a war happened.”

Rogers had to undergo a six-hour surgery after first responders arrived on the scene and took her to the hospital. She is expected to recover from the attack.

New Hampshire Fish and Game representatives said that an attack like this is quite unusual. The department is attempting to track the bear for trapping.


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