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One NFL Player Has Already Said He'll Protest the Anthem This Year


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The NFL may have THOUGHT it found a solution to the National Anthem protests by FORCING players to stand and fining the ones who don't.  But that probably won't make much of a difference.



One player is already saying he'll continue to protest this year.  Pro Bowl defensive lineman JURRELL CASEY of the Tennessee Titans said, quote, "I'm going to take a fine this year, why not?  I'm going to protest during the flag."



"There's always going to be blowback, that is what America is about . . . [but] I'm going to bring light to my community . . . we got to do a job, but I'll continue to use my platform to keep on speaking up."



Jurrell and his teammate Wesley Woodyard raised a fist after the Anthem throughout last season.  



He said he plans to continue that method of protest.  It's unclear if that's a finable offense . . . but when the new rule was approved, they made it clear that raising a fist DURING the Anthem would not be acceptable.  (Here's video.)




The Tennessee Titans' Jurrell Casey says he'll protest during the national anthem and accept any fines levied against him this upcoming NFL season. "I'm going to take a fine this year, why not?" he said. "I'm going to protest during the flag" https://cnn.it/2zQaQnl  via @CNNSport




(This isn't surprising at all.  Like it or not, any successful protest needs a stage.  And we have turned the NFL's National Anthem into a HUGE STAGE.  What's the point in doing an invisible protest in a locker room?)



(The owners just got arrogant, and doubled down on the US vs. THEM thing.)



(If you want to stop the Anthem protests, take away the stage.  Either keep all the players in the locker room during the anthem . . . stop airing it on TV . . . or don't show the players during or immediately after it.)



(If no one is SEEING the protests, then they'll go away, because there's no point to an invisible protest.  Of course, you could also just make a sincere effort to address the point of the protest.  There are better solutions.)


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