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My goal is to build a CONTENT ARMY and of course a group of people that get each other.

That is specifically why I made the rankings as they are. It goes from a PRIVATE all the way up to a 5 star General in the Army. We'll get to that later.

So there's a few things we can do to make this funner - and to give out incentives for getting along with the community and of course posting content.

Everytime you make a post (or create a thread), you can be give POZ or NEG. Have you seen that yet?


Mutt has 2 POZ points, and that came from someone (me) giving him positive repuation. You can do that to any member on the board.

On the far right of each post, you will see a HEART.


If you hover over that, it will give you some options for giving pos. Some are PLUS 1, some are NEUTRAL and others will be -1. Please be careful giving out neg points.


So #1, when you reach 100 POZ POINTS, you are invited to come to the studio on a Friday and hang for my last hour of the show. I will likely give you a microphone and let you talk with me some about things going on.

You can take as many pictures or videos as you wanna. (Limit one guest can come with you.)

RULE: The poz has to come from other members and not a sock puppet. If the account giving you poz is from your own IP - bad juju.


If you post something on the forums that I use on the show, you will get a shout out on the show at the beginning and at the end of the show. If I use multiple things you post on the forums, I am willing to even say a brief message after your name. You can find out if I will be using any of your material every day by checking the SHOW PREP SECTION for that specific DATE. You can view that here.


If you reach 500 posts, you will get a password to enter the CLUB LOUNGE. Inside the CLUB LOUNGE, we will talk about other member's Mother. We will share naked pictures of other member's sisters. We will tell dirty jokes, and we will talk about ways to conspire against the World until we are running this shit. On a serious note, you will get the password to the CLUB LOUNGE, and only you and those members that have the password will be able to see what's going on in that private forum. I'm making this number fairly low at 500 for right now, but at a later date should the forum get busier, that number will go up. But you will be in for life.


If you reach 300 POZ rep points, I will make you your own section on the forums. It will be yours to do with what you want.


There will be more awards added as we go, but for right now we need to get members to register and start posting.




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I'll post more if I can get a good rodgering from Chief Keef. I don't know what a "rodgering" is but it sounds dirt af.

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16 hours ago, Pinky. said:

I'll post more if I can get a good rodgering from Chief Keef. I don't know what a "rodgering" is but it sounds dirt af.


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