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Protesters say ban assault weapons...whatever they are!!!

Mike Peer

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Protesters say ban assault weapons…whatever they are

Hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered in the nation’s capital Saturday to rally for gun control. Some estimates say the rally was the largest march on Washington in history, however a more accurate count puts the number of protesters at 200,000.

But a new video shows that many protesters could not answer basic questions about firearms, and could not even define the very thing they were there to protest.

What happened?

Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform conducted numerous interviews with students who said “assault weapons” should be banned. Many said giving up the right to own one is worth saving lives, while others claimed Americans don’t need “assault weapons” to defend themselves.

Then came the moment when Phillips asked the students if they even know what an “assault weapon” is and if they do, to explain what they are. Students said:

  • “I kind of do, but I kind of don’t, like…”
  • Um, like, no I guess. Um, but, ‘assault weapons’ — does that sound safe to you at all?”
  • “It’s a gun, for instance, that you can buy at a shop pretty easily that is, like, can cause more deaths than, like, one I guess.”
  • “Um, yeah, honestly if you’re asking me any gun that isn’t a pistol should be banned.”
  • “I’m not even just against ‘assault weapons,’ I’m pretty much against most guns.”

Another student claimed the number of people killed by “assault weapons” in the U.S. each year is a “similar number” to the number of people who die in car crashes. Phillips corrected the woman.

Still, another student defined assault weapons as “military-style weapons.”

Meanwhile, scores of others claimed the Constitution’s Second Amendment is “outdated” and needs to be “revisited,” presumably to strip Americans of their right keep and bear arms.

“You should be able to protect yourself…but not with a rifle,” one student said.

To be perfectly clear, “assault weapons” are semi-automatic rifles usually having detachable magazines, pistol grips and other cosmetic features similar to rifles used in the military, such as barrel shrouds and flash suppressors. On the other hand, “assault rifles” are fully-automatic weapons used in war; they are already completely outlawed in the U.S. with rare exceptions.

Any other videos?

Another video garnering lots of attention is an exchange Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk had with a group of older protesters. Kirk simply asked the group to explain what an “assault weapon” is, and when they couldn’t, they lashed out with vitriolic attacks.



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