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Channel 13 does a piece about kids standing UP for the Principal


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MARIANNA, Fla. - During National Student Walk Out Day, some Marianna High School students claimed that their principal made them participate in an anti-gun protest. 

Other students are standing up for their principal and say that there was no political message involved.

Last week, some Marianna High School students and employees participated in 17 moments of silence for the 17 lives lost in the Parkland shooting.

Some students were upset with the way the principal conducted the event, saying they felt like they were forced to be involved in an anti-gun protest they wanted no part of.

Other students said there was no protest.

"It shouldn't be that big of an issue because there was nothing done other than, you know using a moment of silence for these students," said Joey Myhill, MHS senior.

To avoid having to take disciplinary action against students who might have walked out of school, Principal Nolen conducted a routine fire drill and had students stay outside for the 17 minutes. 

"We weren't forced out there, we went out there with a fire drill because that's what we do. We used that as you know, just a way to hold those seventeen minutes of silence," said Myhill.

While some students do have their own political opinions, Wednesdays 'walk out' at MHS did not involve those.

"For our school, it was supposed to leave out political agendas and ideologies, you're still going to have that just because of people's personal opinions," said Cameryn Lein, MHS senior.

Lein said she appreciates that Principal Nolen tried to find a way to make everyone happy by allowing them to go outside.

"In a way it's almost like Principal Nolen was listening to his students, you know." said Lein. "He heard about this walk out and knew that there were students that wanted to do this and he didn't just ignore what we wanted to do and participate in."

Lein and Myhill both said that students were not required to participate in the moments of silence while they were outside, and that some chatted with friends during that time.

2018-03-21 05_24_48-Students Stand Up for Their Principal _ MyPanhandle _ WMBB.png

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