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Marianna High School in jackson County is a DISASTER you guys!

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How much louder do I need to scream before something changes at Marianna High School. 

Adults talk often about how shitty education is all over the Country and people in FLORIDA LOOOOOVE to scream about how shitty it is here. I took a solid (almost) week's worth of phone calls on this topic, this school and it's administration. (What few we actually GOT on this topic.) I did interviews with parent's of kids there, I did interview WITH SOME OF THE STUDENTS, channel 13 did an entire story on it . . . so what's going to happen now?


You mean to tell me after ALL of the light we've shed on the subject and after all the insanity, nothing else is going to happen?

AND TO TOP IT OFF - THOSE GIRLS THAT CAME OUT ARE NOW BEING THREATENED? Yeah, that's right. My producer reached out to tell them 'thank you' and they said they will no longer be talking about it in public because they have now been THREATENED!

Well I'm an adult, and you are more than welcome to come at me and threaten me - and you will be met with nothing but concrete resistance my friend.

Wrong is wrong  - and if you don't like someone pointing that out, you can kiss my ass. I don't care who you THINK you are. The news talks about bullying every ten minutes. Where are they when 2 teens are being bullied because they stood up and said it was wrong for their School to pull a bullshit fire drill move to cover up an anti gun stance? Who bullies two teens who are standing up for themselves?

Here is the piece channel 13 did on all this. In my opinion, they threw a bunch of softballs out there and pretended to be involved.


Nothing was mentioned about the teachers holding signs during the "fire drill".


No one interviewed the parents.

All you have to do to find some parents to interview is look on Facebook.

It took us about five minutes.

marianna post.png

No one mentioned the nutso teacher who posted on the board that drugs were bad except pot:




Let me blow that up for you:

marianna bigger.jpg

Here is my interview with 2 teens from the school.



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If we do not correct the problem within Marianna High School, we are failing the kids.

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As Ashlynn's mother, I am so ashamed in how this was handled...First, basically the School Board calls the girls liars. We get no response from the school...Then to top it off I have received countless texts from teachers whom agree with what the girls said...But will not come forward due to their job....Then let's discuss the bullying....Let's just say the next person that thinks it's okay, I will be filing a report. And to all you cowards that want to hind, why don't you show yourself....But mind you the police station will be waiting...

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This is ridiculous that the school has yet to address it, it's also ridiculous that the superintendent sounded as if he wasn't aware of anything. A "FIRE DRILL" doesn't contain signs, or a memorial( as he stated). These kids rights were VIOLATED!  No I don't have a child attending that school, but I do have friends who's children do, and as a PARENT who cares if WE DO NOT PROTECT AND STAND UP OUR KIDS WHO WILL??  It is wrong in so many ways, but as usual in Jackson County IT'S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW IT'S WHO YOU KNOW!!!

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My daughter complain everyday about the bulling in Marianna High, went to lots of parent meetings, always brushed it off. Don’t take it serious! Her anxiety was so bad she didn’t sleep, started cutting, skipping, finally quit. I’m not saying she’s perfect but this stuff need to stop!

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