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Gene Simmons getting in the weed business - in Canada

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That's right, the famously anti-drug KISS legend has now been tasked with promoting a recreational marijuana company in Canada.

With the legality of of recreational marijuana coming this year, Invictus Strategies MD Corp. has recruited one of the greatest marketers of all time, KISS' Gene Simmons. His role will be to raise awareness of the company and eventually assist in brand strategy in what is sure to be a cutthroat market. He'll provide marketing counsel and represent Invictus as a media spokesperson, among other duties.

"Gene Simmons is a branding and merchandising genius, who not only created one of the most iconic bands of all time but has spent decades building successful brands internationally in various industries," Dan Kriznic, chairman and CEO of Invictus, said in a statement. "Gene will lead marketing initiatives that will help spread the positive messages that dwell at the heart of Invictus in accordance with the strict regulations of Health Canada's Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, the Food and Drugs Act and the Narcotic Control Regulations.”

Simmons commented, “Values and family are very important to me, and when I first connected with Dan at Invictus, I understood immediately that we enjoyed a shared passion for these key life foundations. Instead of launching straight into business, we talked about the things that matter the most.”

Lear more about Invictus here.

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