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  1. @StOrMy You aren't fat baby. I would get that pussy all wet and slurp it up like it was koolaid baby!
  2. i think i might let you suck my dick. what is your number?
  3. fried dyed and laid to the side . . . your bumper sticker. go listen to some more insane clown posse maybe keef kramer will play some for you on his lil accoustic shit show lololololol
  4. you look like a girl that lives in a trailer park and begs dudes to eat their ass for a pack of viceroys.
  5. i just dont get it. why would i want to hear a shitty version of an already shitty song?
  6. Is he going to college on a hockey scholarship down there in fl?
  7. me so gwad u do goood cramer u rok bwo we mis u in spgfld sory can nut typ well cuz leahc is dancing to sho tunes in her
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