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  1. If your necktie is cutting off 7.5% of the blood to your brain, you're a fucking idiot and are tying it too tight. I wear a tie to work 4 days a week and have never had this problem. Because I'm not an idiot.
  2. Background checks fail without full mental health information. Firearm owners who fail to secure their firearms, either by carrying on their person or keeping them locked in a safe, are flat out irresponsible. Why in the hell would you be against either of these measures?
  3. People who eat Kit Kat bars without breaking them up have allowed Satan into their heart.
  4. Cualquiera que esté de acuerdo con esto tiene un pene muy pequeño.
  5. Can't we just call this locker room talk and move on? That's what everyone who is bitching about this said a couple years ago when Trump was caught on tape bragging about trying to fuck a married woman and grabbing women by the pussy. Why does this offend you so much more than that? Because she's saying things you don't like about a politician you like and the staff who surround him?
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