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  1. I think the toothless caveman wants sum kramer kawk.
  2. He only called her because they sucked his ass.
  3. Samuel L. Jackson took to Twitter to criticize President Trump after he made repeated pushes for arming trained teachers as a way to address school shootings. “Can someone that’s been in a Gunfight tell that Muthaf---- that’s Never been in a Gunfight, the flaws of his Arm The Teachers plan??!!” Jackson tweeted on Friday. Trump tweeted on Thursday that highly trained teachers would serve as a deterrent to school shootings following the deadly attack at a Florida high school last week. The president called for 20 percent of teachers — with military or special training experience — to be allowed to carry concealed guns. Student survivors of the Florida school shooting that left 17 people dead have led reignited calls for action on gun violence. On Wednesday, Trump held a listening session at the White House with students and parents affected by school shootings to discuss solutions. Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, Trump doubled down on his proposal to arm teachers who have had firearms training. “The teachers and the coaches and other people in the building, the dean, the assistant principal, the principal, they love their people, they want to protect these kids,” Trump said. Trump added of the suspected gunman: “A teacher would have shot the hell out of him." Jackson and Trump have sparred before. In 2016, Jackson said Trump cheats at golf and that he received a surprise bill from Trump for being a member of one of his courses.
  4. After almost being eliminated earlier in the XXIII Winter Games, last night’s all-time first gold medal in curling for Team USA was a sweeter than usual win for skipper John Shuster and crew. Related KRAMER LOVES YOU AND YOUR PANTIES! However, played past the midnight hour on NBC Sports Network, the victory, witnessed by a crowd-pleasing First Daughter Ivanka Trump and others from the US delegation there for Sunday’s Closing Ceremony, did nothing to help NBC primetime ratings bottom line. And bottom is the operative word today as Olympics fatigue has definitely set-in for the final stretch of the 2018 international competition for the Comcast-owned outlet. For the last Friday of the often-struggling PyeongChang Games, NBC and NBCSN’s combined primetime coverage grabbed a 9.2/16 in metered market results. That is an all-time low for an Olympics that is on track to be the lowest ever. Down 11% in the early numbers from the previous ratings bottoming out of the 2018 Games on February 17, last night’s alpine skiing, snowboarding speed skating and bobsledding filled coverage is also down 2% from the last Friday of the Sochi Games in 2014. Unlike last night’s primetime, the coverage out of Russia on February 21, 2014 was tape-delayed and only on NBC itself. Like last night’s primetime, the final Friday of the XXII Winter Games proved to be a ratings low at the time too. When the final viewership numbers were in, the final Friday of Sochi 2014 drew an audience of 14.9 million. To go a bit bigger picture, that was down from comparable nights of Vancouver 2010 and Torino 2006. Which, as we await final numbers for last night and based on the metered market results, paints a chilly portrait of the Winter Games out PyeongChang going for a new low. Even with Team USA currently in fourth place overall in the XXIII Winter Games, there are a lot of double-digit drops once you drill into the numbers. Peering Friday-to-Friday, last night took a fall of just over 29% in the early ratingsfrom February 16, which itself was matched for a low at the time. Compared to February 22’s Russian dominated primetime skating drama, last night took a 23% crash. Put just NBC’s metered market ratings of last night’s primetime up against the results of the final Friday of the NBC-only broadcast Sochi 2014 and the outcome is a 10% drop from just over four years ago. On the flipside of that and a testament to patriotism and insomnia, the 1.01 metered market ratings that NBCSN snagged from 1:30 – 3 AM ET this morning is the second best late night results in the cable net’s history. Only the ultimately victorious Team USA against Team Canada for the gold medal in Women’s Hockey match-up in the early hours of February 22 bested it. We’ll update with more Olympics number and how Big Brother: Celebrity Editiondid later. For now, here’s one last stat for you: last night’s NBC & NBCSN coverage peeking with a 10.2/18 during the men’s snowboarding in the 9:15-9:30 PM ET slot. And there was this – nice: Twitter Ads info and privacy Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy
  5. Provisional plans for President Donald Trump to host his Mexican counterpart in Washington have been put on hold, White House officials said Saturday. The postponement of plans to meet this month or in March followed a testy telephone call between the two leaders earlier last week, the Washington Post reported, citing information from U.S. and Mexican officials. Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto spoke for 50 minutes Tuesday, but reached a deadlock when Trump said he wouldn’t publicly acknowledge Mexico’s refusal to pay for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, Reuters reported. According to a Mexican official, Trump lost his temper during the conversation because he thought it was unreasonable for Pena Nieto to want Trump to back off from the idea. Trump’s promise to make Mexico pay for the wall was a staple of his 2016 campaign for the presidency. Trump has since requested $23 billion in his latest budget proposal to Congress – the majority of which would go toward building the wall.
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