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  1. Hi Kramer, I too listened to your morning show since day 1 after Darrell left. I moved to Dublin Ga 2 years ago just before Michael hit and still listened via tune in, I had my sister and brother in law loving your show within 2 days of their listening as well. When you announced you were leaving I could have cried! My brother in law Melton called your show many times to comment on topics. (I’m too shy!) We love your personality. You are one of a kind for sure. Panama City was very lucky to have you after Michael for all your hard work in getting the info out that people needed. I hope Magic realized that. Maybe they were all jealous of you and felt you were in their way of getting the spot light? It’s their loss and I hope they see it in their ratings. I became a patron for your podcasts and listened to the first one, look forward to more. I know that whatever you do in the future and wherever you end up you will be successful. People will love you for sure. Sure do miss you 😘 take care and tell Earl and Jason hi for me (I miss Earl too!) Jeanie
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