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  1. Toot Toot, I really enjoy listening to Kramer , I learnt new words from these here bonified listeners like the first ''female'' caller,,,, and the second rocket scientist with her new word, ''Clandes-teen'', You can't make this stuff up, Keep up the good work brother,, TOOT TOOT ''Frank The Bodyguard''
  2. Sleepy Joe Biden showed up in my area 2 days ago and attacked the NRA, Along With Bernie Sanders, Beto is gone, Our AR's& AK's are safe for now unless these idiots get elected into office, Who is going to pay for all the welfare for all the illegals being ushered into the country to vote democrat. Where does it eng ,,these bills have to be paid by someone, MAGA 2020 TOOT -TOOT
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