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  1. Prom season is here for millions of Americans and the photos that come with it, but a "joke" picture posted Saturday by a former NFL kicker holding a gun between his daughter and her date has sparked outrage by some online. Jay Feely, who played for the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants and Jets, posted a picture showing his left arm around his daughter, who is rolling her eyes at her father. In his right hand is a gun next to her date, who sports a slight grin. "Wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prom #BadBoys," Feely wrote, referring to a sc
  2. Residents in the San Francisco Bay Area are living along a fault that is a "ticking time bomb" that could generate an earthquake that could kill hundreds, according to a report released Wednesday. The U.S. Geological Survey said in a report called the "HayWired Scenario" that a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on Hayward Fault located under Oakland could kill as many as 800 people and injure up to 18,000. “This fault is what we sort of call a tectonic time bomb,” USGS earthquake geologist emeritus David Schwartz told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s just waiting to go off.” Researches said
  3. A Florida man was arrested early yesterday after telling police that his name was “Captain Dickhead.” Cops responding to a 1:45 AM disturbance at a residence in Sebastian encountered Pamela Alonge, who apologized for arguing loudly with her boyfriend in the home’s backyard. When asked multiple times to identify himself, the boyfriend refused and was “being evasive and argumentative with officers at the scene,” according to an arrest affidavit. After cops handcuffed the man, they took one more shot at extracting a name from him. “At which time he said his name was ‘Captain Dickhe
  4. Seven children were bitten and scratched Monday afternoon after a stray male pit bull got into a southeast Charlotte elementary school and began chasing students as they fled for cover. A statement sent out by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools reported the injuries were not life threatening. Paramedics were not called to the scene. The incident happened at Lansdowne Elementary School shortly before 1:30 p.m. The school, located between Providence and Sardis roads, is for children in kindergarten through grade five. Investigators said the stray dog, identified by animal control
  5. This week, the Cambridge Analytica scandal has thrown a harsh light on how Facebook uses the data its billions of users share with it. And an early conversation from Mark Zuckerberg shows that the CEO himself was at one point confused by why people would share so much informationwith him. Dating from the early years of this century, when Facebook had just 4,000 users, the conversation was highlighted this week in a Medium post by Maria Bustillos entitled ‘The Smallness of Mark Zuckerberg.’ It’s from messaging records dating from when Mark Zuckerberg was 19, and was first l
  6. Chester Bennington's birthday, and to mark the occasion, Talinda Bennington and the 320 Changes Direction organization is hoping to spread the word for mental health advocacy as a tribute to the late singer on his birthday. Bennington has partnered with the Campaign to Change Direction for her campaign, helping people with emotional struggles rather than isolating them, and encouraging conversations about mental health rather than avoiding them. Bennington is asking for fans to lend a "hand" in a social media campaign that is designed to get people discussing the five signs of emotio
  7. With AC/DC now reduced to just Angus Young and a question mark surrounding the frontman position after Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose was tapped to replace the ailing Brian Johnson to wrap up the Rock or Bust tour, fans are wondering what comes next. According to Rose Tattoo's Angry Anderson, a new album is in the works. In an interview with The Rockpit, Anderson spoke about his Aussie rock 'n' roll compatriots. Rose Tattoo served as one of GN'R's opening acts on their exhaustive 'Not in This Lifetime...' tour and it was at this time that Anderson had a conversation with Young, asking what was i
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