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  1. kramer dog you da shit cuz rollin wih dem lawyers yo u doin it dat shit bro luh dat sho
  2. Have you ever bought your kid a toy that YOU loved as a child? Then they said something like, "yeah, cool, thanks," and went back to playing video games? A recent survey asked parents to name the top old-school toys they WISH their kids wanted. Here are the top ten . . . 1. A bike. 2. Puzzles. 3. Board games. 4. A teddy bear or stuffed animal. 5. A ball. Like a football or basketball. 6. Building blocks. 7. An art set. 8. Modelling clay. 9. Toy anima
  3. Every year, "Forbes" puts out a list of the world's highest paid comedians, and JERRY SEINFELD has been #1 every year since 2006 . . . with the exception of 2016 when KEVIN HART took it over. Well, Jerry is #1 again this year, with Kevin as the runner-up . . . but "only" by $500,000. Here's the Top 10: 1. Jerry Seinfeld, $57.5 million 2. Kevin Hart, $57 million 3. Dave Chappelle, $35 million. 4. Chris Rock, $30 million 5. Ricky Gervais, $25 million 6. Gabriel Iglesias, $2
  4. Imagine what it would be like to lay down in bed and sleep like a damn rock for eight hours without waking up even once. How much would you pay for that perfect night of sleep? According to a new survey, the average answer is . . . $290. Unfortunately, most of us could only afford to do that a few times . . . since that would add up to almost $106,000 over the course of a year. The survey also found the average American got six hours and 17 minutes of sleep per night this year. And we had 106 "perfec
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