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  1. Are you suggesting that we can't call a spade a spade and a shit-hole a shit-hole? The Pres must be polite it's the American way. The Pres has freedom of speech too. Stop judgin' everybody.
  2. Florida politicians have given Florida children to this creep who makes $22,000,000 per year, more than any other health insurance CEO. That's right, Centene stock was $6 a share when Obama was elected and currently it is $106 a share. Centene is a Missouri Medicaid company that turns its major stockholders into billionairs. In Iowa they say that if you move the bottom counties of Iowa into Missouri you will double up the IQ of both states. Taxpayers are paying this creep $10,000 a year for his GOVERNMENT contracts for Medicaid. Somebody save the taxpayer from these politicians and those that bribe them. It's like the mafia!
  3. Look at that PDF and see how Blue Cross is charging over $3,000 a month for a Tallahassee school teacher with 2 children for their PPO. Taxpayers are being SCAMMED! The taxpayers are suckers:
  4. Illegal aliens are a drop in the bucket with our health insurance expense. This is monumental widespread corruption at all levels of government. If the CBO reports that food stamps are $600 billion over the next 10 years that is small compared to Medicaid's $6,000 billion over the same time period. Medicare is larger. It's out of control. Then we have every level of government spending $30,000 per family to Blue Cross for city, county and State employees. If interest rates go up 1% that will add $250 billion a year in additional interest on the debt. American taxpayers didn't watch how much politicians were spending on health insurance. Medicaid costs $10,000 a year per person and 1/3 of all of Californians are on Medicaid. Think about it. Blue Cross gets $30,000 a year for government employees' family health insurance. 1/3 of them are single parent families. It's a scam.
  5. I will come clean with you Kramer. Adam Putnam does these Up & Adam things for breakfast to get to know people and I went in Clearwater on 11/9/17. There was only 10 of us. Before breakfast I showed Adam how there are $50,000 Obamacare family premiums in Tallahassee in 2018. Putnam said, "31 counties in Florida have only one insurance company to choose from - Blue Cross of Florida Incorporated." That's smart! Competition is critical in free and open markets. In the past the State broke up MONOPOLIES but in 21st Century America the State creates and protects MONOPOLIES!. We need Adam Putnam as Florida Governor because he isn't a boring, boring bald-headed politician. Adam Putnam talks about prosperity. Anyway, after breakfast I told Adam the reason for the $50,000 family Obamacare premiums in Florida was because farmers are being screwed (I used farmers because Adam Putnam is Florida's setting Agriculture Commissioner). Then I explained the Warren Buffett Scam above. I could see in his eyes that he understood exactly what I was saying. Adam Putnam says, "That's not the only reason we have $50,000 family premiums in Florida!" I'm sure Adam Putnam was thinking about Dirty DeSantis blocking Obamacare Repeal in the House and riding shotgun for Obamacare to swindle hard working Floridians. We need to drain the Washington DC swamp of dirty DeSantis and put him in the PRIVATE SECTOR where he belongs.
  6. Dirty DeSantis running for Governor of Florida doesn't care about the Florida vote in 2016 and will still prosecute medical weed users. DeSantis doesn't care about the doctor-patient relationship and doesn't support war vets using weed even if it is their doctors orders. The science is in and JAMA reports: JAMA Internal Medicine Bottom Line: States that implemented medical marijuana laws appear to have lower annual opioid analgesic overdoses death rates (both from prescription pain killers and illicit drugs such as heroin) than states without such laws although the reason why is not clear. Results: States with medical marijuana laws had a [[24.8 percent lower average annual opioid overdose death rate]] compared to states without such laws. https://media.jamanetwork.com/news-item/lower-opioid-overdose-death-rates-associated-with-state-medical-marijuana-laws/ Dirty DeSantis is a command and control type of leader who doesn't care about the peoples' vote. That's not freedom.
  7. The science is in. The States with medical marijuana laws had a 24.8 percent lower average annual opioid overdose death rate compared to states without such laws. In 2010, that translated to about 1,729 fewer deaths than expected. The years after implementation of medical marijuana laws also were associated with lower overdose death rates that generally got stronger over time: year 1 (-19.9 percent), year 2 (-25.2 percent), year 3 (-23.6 percent), year 4 (-20.2 percent), year 5 (-33.7 percent) and year 6 (-33.3 percent). JAMA Network Media Relations 312-464-5262 mediarelations@jamanetwork.org Dirty DeSantis doesn't care about lowering the death rate in Florida or the 2016 election from the people.
  8. YES, I went way too fast. I show you the biggest scam in history and you want a resume, unreal. OK, I got the award for enrolling the 1st tax-free HSA in 1996 when they were called tax-free Medical Savings Accounts (MSA) in the old Paris Opera from Ben Cutler who founded America Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). Today there are 27 million HSAs and they are the center-piece of Republican Healthcare Reform. I really started something. President Trump said at his 1st joint session of Congress, "We will replace Obamacare with tax credits and enhanced Health Savings Accounts." IRAs are old taxed accounts. HSAs enjoy tax free deposits, growth and withdrawals - AMEN! Total tax FREEDOM! Before the awards dinner in the old Paris Opera our hotel across the street, the La Grand, caught fire and my wife informed their 911. Trust me, German Generals stayed in our room at the La Grande Hotel. Imagine if Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones reported how Democrat Warren Buffett was dumping his sickest employees onto the Self-Employed peoples' plans. Trust me, every FAKE News paper in America is selling health insurance to their own employees that the employee loses if they get too sick to work with cancer. FOX News is doing it too. To fall desperately forever into Socialism "all we need" is for every radio talking head in America is to never to say a word. My Resume by the way, I had 3 of the 1st 5 tax-free HSAs
  9. Kramer, let’s start the Florida Governor WAR of 2018 right here, right NOW, in Panama City because Panama City is Putnam Country. Adam Putnam is a big believer in free and open markets and dirty DeSantis is a police state command and control freak that demands to destroy the doctor patient relationship. It’s true, dirty DeSantis would prosecute war vets using medical weed even if it’s their doctors’ orders and the good people of the Sunshine State voted for it in the 2016 election. Dirty DeSantis is the wolf at the door. Good Adam Putnam is an economist and dirty DeSantis is a lawyer. Floridians for fresh Florida FREEDOM vote for Adam Putnam for Governor. Dirty DeSantis doesn’t care about the 2016 Florida vote count. Dirty DeSantis will still prosecute and jail poor war vets following doctors’ orders! Someday Florida’s Adam Putnam will be on the $10 bill for saving us from the depressing dungeons of despair of dirty Ron DeSantis and his huge unending bankroll of the Club for Growth, those Socialists, down here in Florida trying to purchase our elections. (Jerks) FREEDOM is more valuable than money.
  10. Am I going too fast for you Kramer? If so, I will slow way down.
  11. Kramer, I'm an expert on Republican Healthcare Reform, [someone has to be]. Just say this: Warren Buffett is a card carrying Democrat who just loves Obamacare. He should, before Obamacare if one of his Florida employees got cancer and became too sick to work Buffett would send them a COBRA extension notice and the employee would pay it because they have cancer. This required Warren Buffett to spend $700,000 on expensive cancer treatments. But NOW with Obamacare when the cancerous employee gets his COBRA notice he also qualifies for an Obamacare Special Enrollment Period or SEP which makes us goofy taxpayers pay to switch the sick employee off of Warren Buffett's liability and onto the Individual Market so self employed people's premiums skyrocket to the moon and Warren Buffett laughs all the way to the bank. If one talking head on radio or TV in America could repeat this FACT then the lazy politicians would learn how to say it too. Obamacare is a scam - the biggest scam in history
  12. Ron DeSantis wants to prosecute medical weed users like AG Sessions. Florida needs better than DeSantis as Governor.
  13. KRAMER, Ron DeSantis running for Florida Governor is with Sessions and is against medical weed, I kid you not. Cannabis[edit] DeSantis has a "B" rating from NORML for his voting history regarding cannabis-related causes. He is against veterans having access to medical marijuana if recommended by their Veterans Health Administration doctor and if it is legal for medicinal purposes in their state of residence.[69] Maybe DeSantis was listening to X-Gov Bush saying that pot and palm trees would ruin Florida's tourist industry..
  14. Trump is being used by scam artist - lawyer Ron DeSantis. 1st President Trump tweets an EXECUTIVE ORDER on 03/30/17 about Ron DeSantis and the FREEDOM Caucus Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump FollowFollow @realDonaldTrump More The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018! 6:07 AM - 30 Mar 2017 NOW - lawyer Ron DeSantis wants to prosecute people using medical weed! NOW - lawyer Ron DeSantis is saying President Trump supports him on his website for Florida Governor!
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