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  1. @Kramer do u allow that kind of language on here? Fatty is offended now.
  2. BTW u can bad rep me on here all day long. Like anyone here cares? This board is dead as fuck anyway.
  3. Kramer save me from the mean man! You need to ask Kramer to save you by kicking the donuts out of your fat hands.
  4. Such language for an overweight woman who prolly lives in a trailer park is South Port.
  5. what kind of fucking monster are you and how can u be on a rock station and able to get away with saying u dont like zepplin. go back to alabama you traitor lol j/k
  6. Great so more Rick and Goober? fantastic. Maybe next you could put on Clark Howard again.
  7. I get it; you want to make sure only the Trump, neo Nazi - militant white supremacists come over here? Gotcha.
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