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  1. http://thepakblog.xyz/2018/10/04/fake-camel-toe/?utm_source=PRE&utm_medium=FB&utm_campaign=KINGDOM
  2. Everyone’s been there. You’re rocking a new outfit, feeling great, but then you look down and see it: camel toe. It’s one of the biggest fashion faux pas out there. Many tabloids have made collage after collage of celebrities getting caught committing this fashion treason in public. For most people, it’s one thing that should be avoided at all costs. So, it should go without saying that the thought of choosing to have camel toe is confusing to most people. However, it just might be one of the biggest up and coming fashion trends. This new fake camel toe underwear is providing just that. Bulking Up According to urban dictionary, camel toe can be defined as “the visible cleft of the outer labia under tight clothing.” Many people dodge any kind of clothing that could lead to unintentional camel toe. For some, the thought of wearing yoga pants or tight shorts in public is enough to make them cringe. This new trend caters to those with the opposite desire… For the people that visible camel toe appeals to, having it is a way of saying, “Hey, check out what I’ve got!” Like men having bulges in their pants, it’s a way for ladies to remind people of what’s going on downstairs. These underwear, known as “party pants,” are a way to add that bulge without having to actually cramp up what’s going on down there. A thick fabric is added to the underwear to create the illusion of camel toe. These “party pants” come in a variety of colors! They’re currently for sale on many different outlets with prices ranging from $10 to around $30. Of course, if having bulging lady parts is part of your ploy to snag a partner, it might lead to some complications. After all, once you strip down, it’s going to be hard to dodge the fact that you had some help downstairs. But… Why? If camel toe isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there’s a product for you to. Cuchini, a small underwear insert to prevent camel toe, is arguably the best thing since sliced bread. Users can even carry it around in the event that camel toe pops up unexpectedly. Their slogan? “Our lips are sealed.”
  3. @Omahara you must have just heard Russ talking about him too. Eagle should def put them back on. People around here still talk about them. Where is Twitch @Kramer
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