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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6691891/Trumps-approval-rating-likely-voters-soars-best-23-MONTHS-52-cent.html Rasmussen Reports poll as Trump at 52 per cent approval, his best showing in 23 months and a higher number than his winning edge in 2016 Significant up-swing since government-shutdown low of 43 per cent New numbers were collected in the three days immediately following State of the Union address Asked what Monday's number mean, a senior Democratic House aide confided on background: 'I don't know yet if it's horrible, but it sure isn't good' Poll
  2. A restaurant in New Zealand is being accused of “incredibly racist service” after a waitress allegedly wrote “Asians” on a table’s receipt in order to distinguish the group from others in the eatery. A manager for the Falls Restaurant & Café, located in West Auckland, has since apologized for the incident, blaming it on a new waitress who “should not have done that.” “We never do this and we will never do that again,” said manager Arvind Kumar in a statement obtained by Stuff.co.nz. View image on Twitter
  3. Why is everyone beating him up. You choose to or not to sign up.
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