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  1. A quote written in large letters on the walls of a Texas school has been slammed by social media users after it went viral. The quote written on the wall at the Gregory-Lincoln Education Center in Houston, Texas, reads: “The more you act like a lady, the more he’ll act like a gentleman.” The line appeared over lockers at the school, KHOU 11 reported. The quote reportedly comes from Sydney Biddle Barrows, also known as the “Mayflower Madam” who used to own an escort service in New York City. But many social media users called it sexist and misogynistic after a picture of the quote went viral online. Twitter Ads info and privacy “This is the wall at Gregory-Lincoln Middle School in Houston ISD. It’s perpetuating horrible gender stereotypes, shaming women, and relinquishing boys of all responsibility. It’s sexist, misogynistic, and discriminatory! I’m horrified,” one social media user wrote. Twitter Ads info and privacy “’So remember girls, if he’s treating you horribly then you had it coming. Now enjoy class!’ - the people who put this up apparently,” another social media user wrote. Twitter Ads info and privacy “I hope this isn’t real,” another person tweeted. A teacher at the school who asked to remain anonymous told KHOU 11 she was shocked by the quote. "To me it meant that girls need to take responsibility, not only for their own actions, but for whatever the boys to us as well and I just didn’t feel like that was an image of the equality and self-determination that, we as a district or myself as a mother, want to portray," she said. A few social media users questioned if the quote was real but KHOU 11 reached out to the school which confirmed it was on the wall but it would be taken down. “The quote does not align with HISD values, and it will be taken down,” a statement from the school read. It was not immediately clear when the quote was put up.
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