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  1. Yes, he should be fired for sure. I guess that he will try to get it reduced, but with the number of Uber drivers, taxi's and possibly his family and friends, he should never ever have been driving.
  2. I was working in the operating room and in the doctor's lounge watching the TV up in the corner. My brother in law had been buried alive the day before in a trench hole while working and I was trying to see if it made the news. All of a sudden the newscasters acted confused and started showing the 'small plane' that hit the WTC. I went from OR to OR that day reporting the news to the rest of the doctors, nurses and techs that were doing the cases. After the 2nd plane hit, everyone was scared and knew it was terrorism. My fellow military members all started calling because we knew then, that we would be shipped out to a new war.
  3. I could care less what he said. He is doing a good job for my city. And, he just said what those of us that have hired and fired have done for years but did it silently. I don't know why people are getting their panties into a wad because there are no laws in Florida that say that smokers, obese or women of child bearing age have a protective status. In fact, most hospitals in the north won't hire you if you smoke. Maybe instead of calling for his resignation those people (most of whom I notice don't even live in PCB proper) should look up the laws. Group health insurance (that I as a taxpayer pay for) is higher when there are smokers. So, if someone who lives in PCB wants to start a recall petition, that is how it's done. Not some ridiculous Petition that 90% of the signatures don't even live in PCB. Just my opinion
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