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  1. I already have to say two things about my struggle. Triggers are everywhere. The two things are related in that public sale of novelty smoking devices should be kept out of sight and not in a lighted display with code names such as rose or the glass pen crack pipe conversions. 2. Glass Tire Gauges are sold on eBay by the case. I will that these local stores should cease selling these devices and I just had to write it down so that's my two sense. This is my comic type superhero DammitMan - formally known as a fictional character. My name is Jeffrey Matthew Earnest. Thank you for letting me speak on this issue as I continue to use drugs because I am conflicted on this issue because I am swayed to the idea that our elders in government are enabling me to donate to the covert ops and their continued contra-diction. I am of the mindset that if the elders truly wanted to war on drugs they first would stop letting eBay sell the tools for drug use.
  2. Using a Optimization Program is a good start. I usually reformat the hard drive and reinstall the Operating System after I have saved any files or documents that the customer would like to keep. Setting up online cloud storage such as Google's G Driive or Onedrive from Microsoft to store important files or documents will allow docs to be accessed from other computers/devices. Jeffrey - Affordable Services
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