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  1. I’d like to start out by telling my story about Right Way Ministries, my name is Cody Jones, and I’m a current student-graduate at Right Way. I came to Right Way in December of 2017, I had been in jail all year on a violation of probation. Whenever I started talking to Pastor Matthew, and Pastor Robert, they promised from the beginning they’d do everything to help me. They still haven’t let me down yet. I don’t understand all these accusations going on about people getting kicked out over money, because I personally came in to Right Way, from jail, with no money paid what-so-ever. Pastor Matthew introduced me to a friend of his, who gave me a wonderful job. Shortly after I started the job, my mom went to jail. I became responsible for her three dogs, her property, and all the bills that came along with it all. I explained to Pastor Robert on what was going on in my life, and he literally told me to not worry about the tuition, that I could take care of it when I didn’t have such a burden on me. He explained that he understood life comes with it’s struggles, and not everything is in our control. I still contributed what I could towards the ministry, because I wanted to, not because I was made to, or because I was threatened. Like I said all of this talk about money, money, money, is insane. I paid maybe $250 over the first 3 months. Then when my life stabilized he came to me, and offered to lower my tuition, because he wanted me to start preparing to have money to go home, and work on my life when I was able to go home. All of this talk of “$1500” a month is crazy. I paid $150 a week, which is less than a motel room, and comes with food, utilities, cable, and internet, and you have a room with one roommate. I was at Keeton House, it’s nothing like Right Way, it’s more like an institution where Right Way is more like a home, with your family. In Keeton House you live in a big horse-shoe shaped dorm, with mats on cots like being in jail. I learned a lot at Right Way, I’ve went from never really having a job before to working for a business that has offices all over the nation. My main point behind this is, they took me when no one else would. They went to court for me every time I went, came and seen me every week in jail, and provided emotional support for my family. You know, not only did Pastor Robert house me rent-free, he’s given me stuff I didn’t have because my families house got robbed while I was in jail. He’s given me clothes, bibles, brand new bedding for the bed I was in, he’s even given /ME/ money, out of his pocket when I was down and out. I never asked, he just saw I needed help, and helped me. I insisted to pay him back, and he refused. I also don’t understand people blasting him for somebody’s actions when it comes to drugs. Every rehab I’ve heard of has had people kicked out for failing drug tests, it’s a rehab, people get kicked out of Keeton House, Aware, CARE outpatient, Bethel, and every other program you can imagine for failing drug tests, that’s how it works, it’s just part of being in the helping business.
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