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  1. My name is Shane I have been in the program y’all know nuthing about what y’all speak of that man took me in with zero money gave me food a roof over my head gave me clothes and stability and most importantly the word of God everything he does he does out of love even when I messed up he opened his arms to me showed me love and mercy and still didn’t ask for money I love that ministry and all he has done for me we have jobs so we can get a life started for when we finish the program..he has never hounded me for money or asked me to do anything that would benefit his wallet he has bent over backwards for me and I am truly grateful for what he and the ministry has done for me the level of respect and gratitude I have for that man and the staff at rightway is of the charts...the man had a spare tire on his truck for at least 5 months no one has any room to talk about him if God blesses hIm with a nice house or a new truck amen he deserves it he is a good man doing God’s will ...I learned first hand how big that mans heart is and just what he is willing to go through to see another man make it in life with out resorting to drugs or alcohol...so y’all dont know what y’all speak of....as a matter of fact the Bible talks about people like y’all I suggest y’all do some reading and take a look at yalls own life...God is with Rightway ministry and he is with pastor Robert and pastor Allen and pastor Matthew and reverend Jones....God bless
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