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  1. I can't imagine why he would need a sammich. I mean, he didn't sound high at all. I didn't get a contact high from just watching this video at all. Where am I?
  2. its my opinion baldy i hate the fucking sex pistols they sucked live anyway
  3. Sorry I'm new to posting so I hope I didn't mess that up too much Kramer Army!
  4. Comedian sorry for Hannity joke, stands by mean-spirited dig at Melania After a heated back-and-forth between Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity, the late-night host released a statement Sunday apologizing for a lewd shot at Hannity seen as mocking the gay community -- but Kimmel was unapologetic about his controversial on-air jokes at first lady Melania Trump's expense. Kimmel's message called for an end to the ongoing feud, which started after he delivered jokes making fun of the first lady's accent. Man who predicted the collapse of GM, Fannie, and Fr
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