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  1. Was on zoloft for a while too but the sex side effects are insane.
  2. Eight more people were arrested in the past week on felony charges of contracting without a license. The arrests bring the total up to 22 local and out-of-state people offering services from roof repairs to electrical to construction work without the proper licensing. PANAMA CITY — Sting operations in the wake of Hurricane Michael have yielded yet another batch of arrests of people attempting to perform contacting work without a license, according to official reports. Eight more people were arrested in the past week on felony charges of contracting without a license. The arrests bring the total up to 22 local and out-of-state people offering services from roof repairs to electrical to construction work without the proper licensing. And authorities are urging the public to be patient and cautious when getting contractors to perform repairs to their storm-damaged homes. The sting operations are part of a joint law enforcement Hurricane Fraud Task Force, which involves the State Attorney’s Office, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and other local law enforcement agencies. Chief Assistant State Attorney Larry Basford said the task force has been well received by those on the right side of the law. “Feedback has been positive from citizens as well as licensed contractors,” he said. “These unlicensed contractors aren’t happy, but our message to them is get a state license or be arrested and face aggressive prosecution.” Authorities are attempting to deter unlicensed contracting to prevent residents from being taken advantage of in desperate times. Some of the warning signs to be aware of are the absence of a license number on their vehicle, contractors only agreeing to a verbal contract, asking for large down payments, asking for the home owner to obtain a permit, advising the home owner that the job doesn’t require a permit and the contractor not having proof of insurance. Authorities encourage people to take pictures of organizations’ names on their vehicles and of the contractors themselves. If they turn out to be illegitimate, investigators have a better chance of locating them and bringing charges. Prosecutor Mark Graham said some people have been taken for tens of thousands of dollars by contractors either taking a large payment upfront to then leave a job site prematurely or doing a shoddy job. “We don’t want victims of this storm to be victimized a second time,” Graham said. One of the most recent trends emerging is contractors asking for an assignment of insurance benefits. They ask for a signature to have insurance pay for a simple job and then the homeowner discovers they’ve assigned the entire repair to that one company. The contract typically requires the homeowner pay 20 percent of the job’s total price if they want to get out of it. Authorities have been trying to get on the front end of disaster fraud by staging various sting operations and deter fraudulent contractors. Residents can also get a Department of Business and Professional (DBPR) app on their phone to quickly review whether a contractor is licensed. If they are technologically challenged, they can call the SAO, BCSO or DBPR and have them check a license. The main message is for people to be patient, do research on contractors and shop around to gauge prices – even if it seems like time does not permit. “Our best hope is to send a message we’re serious about these contractors,” Basford said. “Either get a license or end up in jail.” Those arrested last week were Robert Shane Brown, 33, of Ohio; Augustin Rodriguez Moreno, 42, of Texas; Rodney Calhoun, 51, of Ohio; Joshua Tyler Hornsby, 26, of Georgia; Charles Ronald Miskelley, Jr., of Alabama, and Karla Judith Becerra-Fouali, 46, of Texas; Christopher Vanbemen, 49, of Bay County; and Geraldine Rinaldi, 57, of Bay County.
  3. PANAMA CITY — Tensions at the Panama City Mall stole the spotlight this weekend when a grand re-opening of the mall movie theater led to operators of the mall calling police. According to Panama City Police Department reports, officers arrived about 6 p.m. to the mall, 2150 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., to a call of a citizen’s assist. Mall management told officers that despite not being authorized to reopen in the wake of Hurricane Michael, managers of the movie theater inside their building had decided to open its doors to screenings of movies for the public. Despite attempts to have the movie theater’s opening delayed, PCPD reported that the mall could not provide a court order or a legal reason to show why the movie theater could not open, officers reported. Representatives of the mall declined to comment. Jake McSparin, vice president of VIP Cinemas, said the mall movie theater remains open and showing movies nightly. He said managers of the movie theater were never given a legal reason why they could not open. The main hindrance, McSparin said, was a lack of communication about the common area of the Food Court, where the movie theater’s entrance is located. “We were trying to work with them and get a plan together,” McSparin said. “We got stonewalled, and we never were given a good reason why we couldn’t reopen.” So McSparin brought in a ramp and opened the side entrance, which he said is within his leased space. The decision led to Timothy McKeithen, operational manager of the mall, calling the police. When PCPD arrived, mall officials threatened to have employees of a local media outlet documenting the reopening trespassed and possibly arrested for being on the property. McKeithen declined to comment, deferring to the mall’s corporate offices in Atlanta. But police reports state he told officers the movie theater had not been authorized to reopen, although he could not provide a court order to reflect the claim, police reported. PCPD reported that without some legal order, the mall could not demand the movie theater close. “At this time, McKeithen could not produce any legal documentation to stop the opening of the theater,” officers wrote, “and he was advised that officers do not have the authority to stop the opening of the theater.” McSparin said that VIP Cinemas has a signed lease agreement. He said that despite ongoing issues with heat and A/C, the movie theater has remedied all other storm-related issues. McSparin added that the movie theater would not be deterred from remaining open. “We’re not going to be bullied,” he said. “We’re going to continue this battle. We have the right to be here, and the community has the right to come watch movies.” Issues between officials with the Panama City Mall and the movie theater have been ongoing since Hurricane Michael destroyed numerous businesses in Bay County. Many stores within the mall have yet to resume operations. Representatives of the mall had previously told The News Herald that they would not be allowing any tenants and stores to open that do not have their own exterior entrance. “Due to the extensive damage the mall suffered from Hurricane Michael, we would not want to expose anyone to any harm, or something that may cause health concerns,” Panama City Mall Marketing Director Erin Wommack wrote. “This is nothing personal. Our top priority is to keep our mall employees and shoppers safe.” After word spread of the incident Friday night, many locals took to the movie theater’s social media page to share words of encouragement. “I’m super impressed with the effort this theater has and is making,” wrote Dan Smith. “Bravo, bravo.” Several people expressed a desire to support the movie theater in its struggle with the mall. “I’m glad you guys are fighting for your right to stay open,” wrote Zack Cogburn. “I’m coming to support you!” McSparin said what sparked them to fast track the opening of the mall were similar words of encouragement that “flooded” his social media accounts after the storm. He said people were looking for an escape from the pains of daily life in the storm-ravaged landscape, and the reception during the weekend embodied the demand. “There was a need — people were hurting for that escape,” McSparin said. “We had an incredibly successful weekend, and we’re glad to give people an opportunity to get entertainment. It’s all about restoring normalcy.”
  4. Matilda Hagerman laughs with her friends as she queues at a man-free music festival, which kicked off in Sweden on Friday in protest against a wave of sexual assaults at festivals in recent years. "This festival was necessary because of everything that happened during festivals last year," says the 27-year-old student with long pink hair and purple lipstick as her friends nod in agreement. Held in Sweden's second-largest city of Gothenburg, the two-day Statement Festival, forbids men but not transgender people. It was announced last year after police received four rape and 23 sexual assault reports at Sweden's largest Bravalla Festival, which was cancelled this year as a result. "What do you think about us creating an awesome festival where only non-men are welcome until ALL men learn how to behave?" Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare, who founded the Statement Festival, tweeted at the time. Located inside an industrial building in Gothenburg's harbour, only female bands are performing and neither male security guards nor journalists are allowed to enter. Rebecka Ljung, spokeswoman for the festival, told AFP "thousands" of women were expected to attend the festival. Under cloudy skies, the festival got started with women holding beers and smiling and walking harmoniously in groups. With two main stages for the mainly Swedish women performers, there was plenty of space to rest outside on pink coloured seats at the centre of the site, turning the festival into a convivial place in contrast to traditional festivals. "This place feels like a safe-zone where women can just get together and have fun and celebrate ... especially in light of the assaults that have happened at other festivals," said Julia Skonneby, a 34-year-old performer. "It feels like a certain tension is gone... we're here to make a statement together," Hanna Gustavsson, a 31-year-old designer, chimed in. Statement, launched after raising more than 500,000 kronor (47,000 euros, $54,000) through crowdfunding, defines a transgender person as "a person who does not identify with the sex assigned to them at birth". This means transgender women born as men are allowed to attend. Only men who identify with the sex they were born with, also called cis men, are banned. Discriminatory? The Scandinavian country is one of the most gender equal countries in the world. After receiving several complaints, the Equality Ombudsman (DO), a government agency that promotes equal rights and handles discrimination complaints, has asked the festival to specify what it means by "cis men". "We want to examine whether the festival is compatible with discrimination laws," the agency's spokesman Clas Lundstedt told AFP, adding it would take a couple of weeks to reach a conclusion. Festival-goer Gustavsson said she thought it was fair to bar men. "I don't believe in complete separatism but I think it's very important to have this festival right now." According to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 4.1 percent of women reported that they had been the victim of a sexual crime compared to 0.6 percent of men in Sweden. Knyckare told AFP that the MeToo wave exposing sexual assault unveiled "serious problems" in Sweden, one of the most gender equal nations in the world, at not only festivals but several institutions. "It seems like men have woken up to how huge the problem with sexual violence is," she told AFP.
  5. Targeting is a controversial college football rule. It’s designed to limit especially dangerous hits, but in a sport this complicated and fast-moving, it's never going to be perfectly applied. Fans and media are often frustrated with the rule’s seemingly inconsistent usage, and I’m not going to tell you it’s flawlessly enforced. I can remember some inexplicable targeting fouls, as I’m sure you can. But one thing we can do is look at the rule itself, to make clear there’s more to it than just helmet-to-helmet hits. Too often, a targeting call that results in the standard 15-yard penalty and automatic ejection leads people to point out a lack of helmet contact, but the rules do not specifically require it. A helmet-to-helmet hit can be a targeting foul, but all targeting fouls are not necessarily helmet-to-helmet hits. From the NCAA football rulebook, language that is unchanged from previous years (my emphasis added throughout): This specifies a hit with the top of your helmet, but not necessarily a hit to your opponent’s helmet. And officials are essentially told to flag everything that might be targeting, since the replay booth will sort it out afterward. The next item in the rulebook, including the aforementioned "Note 1," which explains the many additional situations in which all kinds of hits are considered targeting: This describes targeting as including actions besides just hits with the helmet, some of which don’t involve helmet contact at all. A shoulder to the neck of a receiver can be targeting. An elbow drop to a quarterback’s head could be targeting. Also, note the definition of "defenseless player," which is important. A hit on a kicker who’s in the middle of a kick will be judged differently than a hit on a player who’s trying to make a tackle, for example. Also, a new piece of language added to Note 2 in 2018: “When in question, a player is defenseless.” Things that don’t factor into the decision to call a targeting foul, according to the rulebook, include: how superhumanly tough the television viewer thinks football players should aspire to be, how much the fan in the stands enjoyed football’s previously higher levels of violence, the TV commentator's worries that this is all becoming flag football, the coach's conclusion that avoiding a targeting hit would require a player to approach a play awkwardly, or the reader's assumption that the writer of this article never Played The Game. Football changes. Football will survive, or it won’t. That goes for all of us. All of this is an attempt to legislate excessive violence out of a sport founded on it 150 years ago, but if this is the game we’re going to watch, we might as well know what the rules say. And if this is the game we’re going to hope remains with us three decades from now, we’re going to have to let it evolve. "When in question, it is a foul," the rule says. We have to err on the side of player safety, and if that requires rules even more game-changing than targeting (it surely does), then so be it.
  6. Social media has erupted at a video of Bill Clinton watching Ariana Grande perform at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Video footage of Miss Grande performing the hit (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman had social media paying more attention to Mr Clinton’s gaze, rather than Miss Grande’s vocals. Social media users criticised the former president as “gross” after his eyes appeared to wander onto Miss Grande's derriere. One user said: “Gross..watch Bill Clinton look Ariana Grande up and down when she sings at #ArethaFranklinFuneral and try not to throw up in your mouth.” Another wrote: “Bill Clinton is REALLY big fan of Ariana Grande.”
  7. Taylan Orton has loved football as long as he could remember, so he was understandably excited to sign up for his first ever youth football league. But the eight-year-old Ohio boy, who has cerebral palsy, was left in floods of tears in the middle of his first practice after he was yelled at by coaches and berated by another kid. His mom Carrie Wilmoth, who told the league about his condition ahead of time, said he cried himself to sleep that night and kept asking her why he wasn’t good enough. Taylan flexes his muscles in his football gear. (Carrie Wilmoth) Wilmoth shared the heartbreaking experience in a Facebook post that went viral. One of those moved by the post was a local football coach’s wife, Emily Buchman, who came up with an idea to lift Taylan's spirits. On Wednesday, several Findlay High School football players surprised Taylan at lunch, invited him to join them on the sidelines for every home game this season, and presented him with a poster that said: "Taylan come hang out with us Friday nights". “Hey, do you wanna come hang with us on game days?” one of the players asked him. Taylan said “Yeah” and screamed with excitement before they took a group photo. Taylan celebrates after Findlay High School football players invited him to join them on the sidelines this season. (Emily Buckman) “This means the world to him after everything that happened,” Wilmoth said. Taylan wanted to tell everyone about how he was the “was the coolest kid in the lunchroom,” she said, adding that he fell asleep with the poster in his bed. Taylan smiles with Findlay High School football players after they surprised him at lunch. (Emily Buckman) Quarterback Tanner Rickle (12) told Fox News it was just amazing for their team to surprise Taylan at lunch. Teammates Steven Gerdemann (61), Parker Fetterman (3), Mitchell Taylor (29), and Grant Morman (24) were able to make the trip to Taylan's school. "Honestly it was just amazing! Just to see the look on his face," Rickle said. "Football’s an amazing sport, and we’re all taught by our coaches, teachers, and families to do the right thing and that was just our one small opportunity to do that.” Needless to say, Taylan is looking forward to getting back onto the football field, even if it is on the sidelines. Findlay High School football players surprise Taylan Wednesday during his lunchtime. (Emily Buckman) Wilmoth said the Ohio-based company “Friends Against Bullies” has helped them through the process. “We are so thankful for all the support Taylan has got from everyone who has shared his post to raise awareness about bullying,” Wilmoth told Fox News. “Bullying is never O.K. and just because you can’t see a disability doesn’t mean it’s not there!” Findlay High School Director of Athletics, Nate Weihrauch, told Fox News they wanted to do something encouraging for Taylan as soon as they heard his story. “As a team and district, we encourage our players and students to be positive role models on and off the field,” Weihrauch said. “We believe character is important and this was an opportunity to simply help someone. We are blessed to have tremendous kids throughout our community that are willing to make a positive difference.” Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik also celebrated Taylan’s surprise. ATHEIST GROUP WANTS BIBLE VERSE MURAL SCRUBBED FROM OHIO CITY HALL “This is amazing!” Mihalik told Fox News. “I’m so proud of our football players I can hardly stand it. We are a very blessed community.”
  8. Meghan McCain and President Barack Obama took apparent swipes at President Trump on Saturday in a eulogy for John McCain -- who sparred with Trump on a number of occasions before his death last week of brain cancer. "The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great,' McCain's daughter said, in what appeared to be a reference to Trump's presidential campaign slogan: "Make America Great Again." The remarks were made during a funeral service at Washington National Cathedral for the Arizona Republican, who died last week of brain cancer. Obama's jabs were more subtle but still appeared to be directed at the current occupant of the White House. He derided those in politics who traffic in "bombast and insult and phony controversies and manufactured outrage." He also attacked "a politics that pretends to be brave and tough but in fact is born of fear." "John called on us to be bigger than that. He called on us to be better than that,” he said. It was Meghan McCain who had the most searing swipes at the president however. Notably she said that her father's passing represented the passing of "American greatness. The real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who lived lives of comfort and privilege while he suffered and served." Former presidents will be among those paying tribute to John McCain. (AP) Former President George W. Bush also paid tribute to McCain. "John – as he was the first to tell you – was not a perfect man. But he dedicated his life to national ideals that are as perfect as men and women have yet conceived," he said. "He was motivated by a vision of America carried ever forward, ever upward, on the strength of its principles." The funeral service notably did not feature President Trump, who had feuded with McCain, particularly during the presidential campaign. In 2015, after McCain had said Trump's platform had "fired up the crazies," Trump had mocked McCain's imprisonment in the Vietnam War, saying: "I like people that weren't captured." Trump has also fumed about McCain's vote last year to kill off a bill to reform ObamaCare. Both Trump's daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner were in attendance. Trump, meanwhile, went to the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. He also tweeted about subjects including the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Russian investigation. Twitter Ads info and privacy A six-term senator and a Vietnam veteran who was held as a prisoner of war for more than five years, McCain pushed for bipartisanship on the Hill. He ran against Bush for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000. He clinched the nomination in 2008 but was defeated in the presidential election by Obama. Other notable speakers included former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman. "His death seems to have reminded the American people that these values are what makes us a great nation, not the tribal partisanship and personal attack politics that have recently characterized our life, " Lieberman, who McCain considered for his vice-presidential nominee, said. McCain’s pallbearers included actor Warren Beatty and Russian dissident Vladimir Kara-Murza, as well as former Vice President Joe Biden and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Earlier Saturday, his casket traveled to the cathedral after stopping at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where McCain’s wife Cindy laid a wreath. Defense Secretary James Mattis and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly accompanied her. On Friday colleagues, family and friends paid tribute to his service both in the military and the Congress as he lay in state underneath the Capitol rotunda. With members of McCain’s family in attendance, Vice President Mike Pence said Americans “marveled at the iron will of John McCain” and praised him for holding fast “to his faith in America through six decades of service.” “Generations of Americans will continue to marvel at the man who lies before us, the cocky, handsome naval aviator who barely scraped through school, and then fought for freedom in the skies; who witnessed to our highest values, even through terrible torture; and who became a generational leader in the United States Senate, where our nation airs its great debates,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said. Tributes have poured in from both sides of the aisle for the Republican senator and 2008 presidential nominee. On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden remembered McCain as a brother, and said the two were “cockeyed optimists” in a memorial service for McCain at a church in Phoenix. Biden, a Democrat, declared that McCain’s “legacy is going to continue to inspire generations.” McCain is to be buried Sunday at his alma mater, the U.S. Naval Academy, next to his best friend from the Class of 1958, Adm. Chuck Larson.
  9. "Cosby Show" alum Geoffrey Owens, who played Elvin Tibideaux, the young doctor who married into the Cosby family on the famous sitcom, was photographed working at a Trader Joe's in New Jersey. The actor, who was on the sitcom from 1985 to 1992, was spotted by a local shopper at the Clifton, N.J. store, standing behind one of the checkout counters and wearing a Trader Joe's staff shirt with a name tag that read, "Geoffrey." The shopper who spotted the actor told the Daily Mail that she was grocery shopping with her wife, the store's security manager, around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday evening when she recognized Owens and took some photos. "I was just in Trader Joe's and I said to my wife, I said, 'Wait a minute, that's the guy from The Cosby Show,'" Karma Lawrence told the outlet. She continued, "She looked at him and said, 'It looks like him. He's a little heavier.'" Convinced it was the actor, Lawrence proceeded to look up photos of the actor online. "I pulled up a site on the Internet to look at a picture of him and said, 'That is him,'" she confirmed. "I have never seen him at Trader Joe's before. I was getting a bunch of groceries and he wasn't really looking at anybody, but he said, 'Have a nice day.'" Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra Huxtable Tibideaux, Geoffrey Owens as Elvin Tibideaux. (NBC via Getty Images) The 57-year-old actor played Sondra Huxtable's doctor husband on the final five seasons of the hit sitcom. Owens continued to act and appeared in guest spots on TV shows such as "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "That's So Raven" and most recently starred in an episode of "Lucifer" in 2017. "The Cosby Show" ran for eight seasons from 1984 to 1992. Cosby, who played the show's main character, Cliff Huxtable, was convicted of sex assault in April after being accused of sexual abuse by more than 60 women. "It was a shock to see him working there and looking the way he did. It made me feel really bad. I was like, 'Wow, all those years of doing the show and you ended up as a cashier," Lawrence said of seeing Owens at the Trader Joe's store. "Other fans would be surprised for sure as well."
  10. A giant lizard that’s terrorizing a Florida family has no intention of being captured, as it has managed to evade state wildlife officials, trappers and hunting dogs for days. The reptile — what the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) told Fox News is an Asian water monitor lizard — could weigh 150 pounds, the South Florida Sun Sentinelreported. It was first spotted by Zachary Lieberman a few weeks ago on a horse trail behind his family’s home. He contacted the FWC about the 6-foot lizard, which he wasn't expecting to see again. He never expected the reptile to make its way into his backyard. On Sunday, the lizard began scratching at the family’s back door. “I was sitting there playing with the kids when my wife screamed,” he said, adding that he and his 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son had coincidentally just finished watching “Jurassic Park.” TEXAS WOMAN SHOCKED TO FIND 'STUBBORN' HEN SITTING ON MASSIVE SNAKE IN WILD PHOTO Lieberman went around back, attempting to lure the lizard toward the garage with hopes of enclosing it inside. To his surprise, the reptile followed him. But as soon as it “got the hint,” he said, it “got up on its hind legs and took off.” “His speed is what really scares me now; if it can run that fast away, it can come that fast toward someone,” Lieberman said, expressing concern for his two young children. “The kids are scared to get in pool — and rightfully so with a ‘dinosaur’ living in the backyard,” he continued, adding that the reptile has “nasty claws” and is “terrifying to look at.” Since Monday, Lieberman said wildlife officials and local trappers have made attempts to capture the lizard. Even the use of dead rodents —a meal that would seemingly be delectable to a giant lizard — hasn’t tricked the reptile into capture. At one point this week, Lieberman said his friend’s hunting dogs tracked the lizard to a nearby lake. As soon as they spotted it, however, it slid into the water and was lost. MORE THAN 300 VULNERABLE SEA TURTLES FOUND DEAD IN SEA OFF MEXICO Monitor lizards — which can turn aggressive, wildlife officials have warned — are not native to Florida, the Sun Sentinel reported. They typically eat birds, fish and other small animals. “Like most wild animals, water monitors may act defensively if a person or pet tries to approach it. It is recommended that pets be kept away from water monitors,” Carli Segelson, a spokesperson for the FWC, told Fox News in a statement. If captured, she added that “biologists will work with FWC law enforcement personnel to determine the disposition of the animal,” but noted that a “final determination has not been made.” That said, the newspaper reported that the animal could be euthanized or taken to a wildlife facility. “I want to give my wife and kids peace of mind. We’re out there actively trying to capture it alive,” Lieberman said.
  11. Please get Flores to call and defend himself against 35 pissed off callers, god damnit that was good radio! ?
  12. My new favorite thing on the internet is when he went off on Trump for Syria. Shit is DOPE!
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