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  1. Like I said on the call, I wouldn't and didn't sue the school over the bullying that occurred daily in the school and at home via cyber bullying. Yes I wish they would have done more, but the problem is the kids today and their false online personas that give them the ability to be tough behind the keyboard/phone pad, but weak in person. Every generation has their way to push the envelope of decency, and unfortunately this is how the kids today do it. As a Navy Chief and loving father, I tried everything I could from motivating her to face the bullying, ignoring the comments and taking away the phone. I tried involving the school and that only made it worse. These kids buy burner phones and send viscous texts so they don't get caught. Even a car of boys drove by and yelled obscene comments at her while walking her dog. I'm very thankful that her attempt failed and she recovered a few days later in the hospital. I sacrificed everything to give her a fresh start, just to run into the same thing here. It's not the school, it's this generation. I wish more of them would go to Northstar Church and get involved with a youth group. Thank you for bringing these tough topics to the show, somebody has to do it. -signed A dad at his wits end
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