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  1. This is ridiculous that the school has yet to address it, it's also ridiculous that the superintendent sounded as if he wasn't aware of anything. A "FIRE DRILL" doesn't contain signs, or a memorial( as he stated). These kids rights were VIOLATED! No I don't have a child attending that school, but I do have friends who's children do, and as a PARENT who cares if WE DO NOT PROTECT AND STAND UP OUR KIDS WHO WILL?? It is wrong in so many ways, but as usual in Jackson County IT'S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW IT'S WHO YOU KNOW!!!
  2. So her being contacted and expressing her opinions is wanting attention...no it's called THE FIRST AMENDMENT! To me you remaining anonymous is wanting attention but to scared to come out and say it...
  3. Also he needs to address an issue as to why a child who's had battery charges and charges on trying to steal a bus earlier this month still allowed in school with special needs children?
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