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  1. ubeenbarbeed , noun, verb, adjetive ( @gmail.com) Love U back
  2. My bad sugar face. I'm on TEAM Kramer. buzz buzz for Kramer, having a online verbal shout down. another hook. Call me "The ENDORSER"
  3. I have a dog, Tigger. And as true to the theory, the fat one is you. I'm within my bmi and you are gay and miss your momma. Mines dead so that would be difficult to get a hug from her. If there's any space in your pie hole , shut it bitch please. Bring the battle, game on. Unless its time for your snacky poo
  4. colby's a dumb ass living in grandma's basement. Your opinion doesn't matter anyway . Your comment tells me you like slow faggy shitty sex. Now that you're out of the closet maybe you can find a lover?
  5. OMG, finally my jones for unplugged favorites, old and new. Thanks Kramer. I must have found my mind because I remember loosing my mind back in the 70's? or 80;s when MTV first introduced "unplugged". I just lost my mind again. I'm a regular listener now. I love Sunday radio show's. Just like this one, it's original and meaningful with out so much commercial influence. Gotta love the commercials too. Where would radio be without them,invisable? Way to go Kramer, thanks for staying with it and thanks to the genius who let you do it. It's gonna be a epic staple for 97X.
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