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    https://action.aclu.org/legal-intake/florida-legal-intake Every parent, teacher, or concerned citizen should fill this intake form out and voice their concerns where it will be heard. Children do have rights!!
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    Thank you for all of your support for this show! I'm delighted that you're enjoying it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! If you have suggestions for next week's show, PLEASE post them here.
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    As Ashlynn's mother, I am so ashamed in how this was handled...First, basically the School Board calls the girls liars. We get no response from the school...Then to top it off I have received countless texts from teachers whom agree with what the girls said...But will not come forward due to their job....Then let's discuss the bullying....Let's just say the next person that thinks it's okay, I will be filing a report. And to all you cowards that want to hind, why don't you show yourself....But mind you the police station will be waiting...
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