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Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

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» Letter to the editor - Leave the time alone. Here.

*) Lawmakers say time won't change. Here.

*) Little girl with burns on her legs and rotten teeth. Here.

*) Will Spring Break return? Identity crisis? Here.

*) Wait she had worms in her eyes. Here.

*) Man killed crossing the street in a wheel chair. Here.

*) Teacher dies after deciding 116 dollars was too much for medicine for the flu. Here.

*) They sold all their shit to buy a boat. Boat sinks two days later and kills them. Here.

*) Flu is causing 1 in 10 American deaths. AND CLIMBING. Here.


*) Pay your taxes with bitcoin? Here.

*) AUDIO Lawmakers push to make tide pods less appetizing. Here. AUDIO


» Peter Rabitt wait whut? Here.

*) Poor newspapers. Here.

*) Prayer at school. Here.


*) NEXGEN VR. Here. WOW!!

*) Top advertiser blasts Facebook for profiting from fake news. Here.

*) Who was right in this situation? Server outed Church for no tip. Here.

*) Illegal immigrant deported over 40 times in 15 years. Here.

*) Oklahoma school goes on 4 day weeks so teachers can get extra work at Wal Mart. Here.

*) California High School science project proves that blacks and hispanics aren't as smart as whites. Here.

*) She never actually had INTERCOURSE with the dog - so there's that. Here.

*) AUDIO Omarossa Here. AUDIO.

*) AUDIO A guy's rectum fell out. HUH? Here. AUDIO


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