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Samuel L. Jackson Approves of Calling Trump a "Mother[effer]"

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At this point, SAMUEL L. JACKSON could probably trademark the phrase . . . (Careful) "mother[effer]".  But an incoming Congresswoman kind of stole his thunder last week.



Rashida Tlaib. . . a Democratic U.S. Representative out of Michigan . . . stirred up some controversy by using that term to describe PRESIDENT TRUMP.  But Sam isn't upset.  In fact, he's got her back.



He Tweeted, quote, "I just wanna wholeheartedly endorse your use of [it].  Calling that mutha[effa] a mother[effer] is not an issue . . . calling that mutha[effa] President is!!!"


2019-01-08 04_47_20-The Complete Sheet.png

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