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Ratings, job, family, etc . . .

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It's been a while since I've actually updated anyone who cares on how things are going . . . so it's time.

I got here in October, and when I accepted the job, I knew it would be a lot of hours, hard work, and ups and downs.

Little did I know . . .

I work my ass off. I work harder and longer than I've ever worked anywhere in my life.

Marc Summers is the OM, who I've known for over 20 years. I adored him when we worked together in Huntsville, AL together. We kept in touch all these years, so when I had the opportunity to move closer to home and work with him again, I did every thing in my power to make it down here.

For years, my passion for radio declined. All the corporate bullshit, all the consolidation, and all the homogenized SHIT radio companies put on the air really deflates you and takes the air out of your sails. I was in Toledo, and literally my job took me an hour to complete. The rest of the time I was just sitting around with my thumb in my ass.

Marc has completely reignited a spark in my passion for this business, and sometimes at the end of the day I'm a dishrag mentally, but in the end I know I am accomplishing something I am proud of - and I know with his help and support, it will be something better than 95% of the radio stations in this Country. He is MANIACAL some times, he has ADD, and sometimes his pace exhausts me - but he is one of the absolute best minds this industry has ever seen. 

I'm tired all the time, and am going non stop from the time I get here at 6am usually. I'm the PD for 97X, our Rock station and the PD of our talk station News Talk @ 101. I do early afternoons on the talk station, and I do afternoons on 97X. I am the production director for all of our stations. I'm responsible for promotions on both stations. I post content on the websites and post daily and hourly content on our social media platforms. If a computer or tech problem happens, that'd be me. AND I haven't had a producer for my talk show in 30 days. I schedule music for 97X. I could go on and on . . . but my point is, I'm content.

If you work in corporate radio and you have to go through 10 channels to get one small thing done, I feel sorry for you. It's refreshing to work for a local company. When we have an idea for a promotion, we do it. When we need promotion items, we get them. When we need to take a dump, we don't need to ask for permission.

We got ratings back yesterday, and I"m so proud of the whole staff. NEWS TALK was up in some areas by FOUR WHOLE POINTS! All of our stations were way up and we're dominating! It's awesome!!

THIS IS WHAT RADIO SHOULD BE. THIS is what I signed up for!

To my owners and co workers - Don, Elke, Aaron, Misty, Marc, and EVERYONE in the building - we're rocking it! STAY THE COURSE!



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Hey Kramer...u have probably explained y ya pulled alex jones off the radio and took his time slot, but I'm  a p3 and probably missed it...I'm sick of hearing the same old bullshit regurgitated by the big 4 (Rush, Hannity, Beck, & Lavin-sp?), as much as u r, according to your bio. So, just like yourself, Alex,  (I'll be first to admit can go way OVERBOARD on some topics) is a welcomed change to talk radio.  Keep up the good work! Shine that giant beam of "truth light" on local as well as national topics..I look forward to listening to ya on my way to the grind, we all call work!! KJK And please give Alex a time slot, I can stream him, but it eats up my data...Hi to Earl and Miss Irene...

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