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[KRAMER BLOG] I have the utmost respect for bikers, BUT!!!!!!!

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5-6-2018 6-34-05 AM.png

This weekend was THUNDER BEACH weekend. 10's of thousands of bikers, they say, blasted through for a celebration.

I don't ride a bike, but would love to. However, I must tell you I have a little trepidation about riding because of what I observe to be dangerous.

This weekend, I'm hearing as of this writing on Sunday morning, the number of deaths were 13. THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!! How did THIRTEEN PEOPLE die in a weekend that for the most part was celebrated riding on Front Beach Road, a road where it's nearly impossible to get above 5 miles per hour??

I think that's a valid question, but rhetorical nonetheless.

I live on State Avenue on the Panama City side of the bridge. The speed limit on this street is 45. The average car that comes down this road while I'm sitting here in my office looking out, is about 55 or 60. Over this weekend, the average speed of a motorcycle was above that. I saw some doing about 80 or 90.

Motorcyclists, this is a message to you. If you want me, driving an SUV, to respect you while driving, you should respect the same rules and laws of the road as I do. Because you are on 2 wheels (sometimes 3) does not mean that you have a different set of rules. In fact, you should be practicing a different, more conservative set of rules, because one fall could lead to major bodily injury, or worse, death. But you as a whole, do not seem to do that.

It seems like every motorcycle rider knows someone who died or had a major tumble. I have a family who needs me; it's going to be a "no" for at least another 10 years as far as me having a bike is concerned. I can't roll the dice on that, not with what I've seen this weekend. Good luck to you!

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YES....I HAVE A GREAT IDEA AS TO THE CHANGES.....phone text driving addicts that are killing people everywhere can STOP!! My wife and I were almost ran over on our bike on numerous occasions....to ban the Rally as opposed to theses self-centered texting drivers is RIDICULOUS!!!



PBPD needs to step up. Maybe if the motorcyclists know the rules of the road are being enforced, they’d think twice about weaving in and out of lanes m, cutting people off, and make sure their freaking brake lights work.



Leave us alone. Some of us DO act and ride like mature responsible adults. Are you going to try to run US off too ? We certainly can spend our $$ somewhere else..



Most of the bikers I've encountered have been respectful on and off the road. However, I did have a close call with a gentleman yesterday who pulled out in front of me on Thomas Drive. No cars behind me so he could have waited another 5 seconds, but instead chose to give me a heart attack trying to avoid slamming into his side. Also witnessed a couple of bikes running a red light in St. Andrews. Hilariously enough, a FWC officer actually pulled them over. There's always going to be a few who choose to gamble with the rules.



Reduce the speed limit on Front Beach rd to 18 mph and write some tickets for the people going 40-50 mph. Cars and bikes are going way too fast with all the activity. Seems like when the roads are packed after 6pm and everyone is creeping along you don’t see many wrecks. The wrecks seem to happen when everyone is running 35-45 mph. Helmets would save lives after a crash but it’s the goal to prevent crashes. 
PCBPD does a great job but I have noticed over the last few years they need more officers on duty during rallies and events. Maybe even more motorcycle officers to mix in with bikes.



It is a total lack of respect from all involved..
I see it every morning going to work and I see it every night on the way home.
The roadways have become unsafe because of idiots.

There's no patience, there's no courtesy... just the me first , to hell with everyone else mentality.



Omg PCB just BAN EVERYTHING!! It seems to be your way of handling everything! Ban Spring Break, Ban scooters, Ban Thunder Beach!! When are you going to call for a ban on cars and trucks and bicycles and pedestrians and bars and anything that you don’t agree with? You’re ridiculous!



 It seems that motorcyclist make there own set of laws when they are here for Thunder Beach, they pass up stop signs and stoplights they pass on the shoulder of the road in between the cars no wonder they get hit they have no responsibility for other drivers but themselves.



There are a lot of cars that don't pay attention. However, during bike week there are a lot more reckless bikers. They think the laws don't apply to them since they are the majority. I've seen some really stupid crap they have done. The police need to enforce traffic laws. Thunderbeach is definitely getting out of hand. If they can't get it under control, then it needs to be banned. Maybe they need to alter the laws like they did for spring break.



PCB needs to increase PCBPD pay and hire More. Never thought i would ask for more law. The streets are running red with blood.

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My older brother was a rider most of his life, and he always said he would pretend that he was invisible. Never assume anyone sees you, because a lot of the time they don't. 

It's not a matter of car drivers all being careless, as the "start seeing motorcycles" signs imply. It's actually been repeatedly studied. It's scientific fact that motorcycles are less likely to be seen in traffic than other vehicles. You choose to ride knowing that, you need to take extra precautions. 

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