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Monday, April 16th, 2018

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--- SYRIA ---

*) The latest on the U.S. attack on Syria. Here.

*) AUDIO Expert says a cyber war is imminent from Russians. Here. AUDIO.

*) AUDIO Syria says we didn't do anything. Here. AUDIO.

*) AUDIO But WAIT! There's this. Here. AUDIO.

*) Putin and Russia warn this could be escalated. Here.

*) AUDIO See Alex Jones cussing out Trump and losing his mind. Here. EDITED AUDIO IN COMPUTER, MICHAEL.

--- COMEY ---

*) AUDIO CUT 1 Comey says Trump is unfit to be President

*) AUDIO CUT 2 Comey says Russians MAY HAVE something on Trump

*) AUDIO CUT 3 Comey says breifing Trump was weird.

*) The interview almost garnered 10 million viewers. Here.


*) AUDIO This man's speech on guns at a City Counsel meeting went viral for a reason. Here. AUDIO.


*) AUDIO So was America better back then? Here. AUDIO.

--- INCEST ---

*) Guy kills his daughter, urm, wife . . . Here.

--- FAVRE ---

*) Brett Favre says many concussions have robbed him of a lot of memories. Here.



--- FIRE ---

*) A prominent gay lawyer set himself on fire over global warming. Here.

--- FIGHT CLUB ---

*) AUDIO Teacher in trouble after holding fight club in school. Here. AUDIO.

--- GUNS ---

*) Gun supporters rallied over the weekend at State Capitols. Here.

--- COLIN ---

*) AUDIO Colin Kaeperdick refuses to stop kneeling, so he's having a hard time finding a job. Here. AUDIO.

--- TRUMP POT ---

*) AUDIO Trump is pro pot and is helping States. Here. AUDIO.

--- END OF WORLD ---

*) Christian numerologist claims the rapture by the end of the month. Here.

--- TIME OUT ---

*) Kid in High School was put in TIME OUT for wearing a shirt with guns on it. Here.

--- DOO DOO ---

*) You know those air blowers in bathrooms? Yeah, well, they're spewing out doo doo all over the place. Here.

--- DUMBASS ---

*) Today's DUMB ASS OF THE DAY award goes to . . . here.

--- SHOOTER $$$$ ---

*) The Parkland shooter is donating his inheritance to the victims. Here.


*) Illinois will start teaching LGBT history shit in schools. Here.


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Would you want to hear the show on in the mornings?

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Pissed cuz it's chilly and wanna swim.

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The tax guy PATRICK's call put me to sleep.

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