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"for somebody who claims he doesnt smoke pot you sure do talk about it alot it kinda sounds like maybe you have a habit and are angry becuz it is illegal. you are chubby so you prolly smoke it all the time"


"Could you please blow your nose before you begin a talk break on 101? Or better yet how about going to see a physician to perhaps get some antibiotics for some relief - for both you and the audience?"


"Your just like all the other awful alabama fans. You don't claim to be such a fan until they win a championship and then your all in"


"I thought I heard you on 97X yesterday. Was that you or was I hearing things? You sounded like a much funner guy over on X"


"I'm not complaining but wanted to ask why you moved time slots? I really did enjoy you in the morning but all of a sudden the new year rolls around and I can only hear you at lunch?"


"My Mother went through alcoholism. It was a major fight she had towards the end of her life. I just wanted to say hearing you speak of your own fight with it really helped me understand what it must be like. I have a whole new appreciation for you and your radio show after hearing your discussion on that on Friday. You will always have a fan in me. Thanks Kramer."

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