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      THE RETURN   12/24/2017

      The Kramer Show will return to News Talk @ 101 on January 2nd. (So we've been told.) In the meantime, this is the new forum. There is a TON of bells and whistles on this forum, and we really hope you sign up and do some posting. We'd love to meet you!


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    Hey Kramer...u have probably explained y ya pulled alex jones off the radio and took his time slot, but I'm a p3 and probably missed it...I'm sick of hearing the same old bullshit regurgitated by the big 4 (Rush, Hannity, Beck, & Lavin-sp?), as much as u r, according to your bio. So, just like yourself, Alex, (I'll be first to admit can go way OVERBOARD on some topics) is a welcomed change to talk radio. Keep up the good work! Shine that giant beam of "truth light" on local as well as national topics..I look forward to listening to ya on my way to the grind, we all call work!! KJK And please give Alex a time slot, I can stream him, but it eats up my data...Hi to Earl and Miss Irene...