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  1. THE ROLLING STONES????????????? WHAT THE FUCK????? Coldplay for sure. Chilli Peppers meh. I cannot fucking stand Five Finger Death Punch!! HATE IT!
  2. Drew

    PC question

    What is the best way to clean a PC?
  3. its amazing this hasnt made bigger news
  4. Long aver due and I've listened to every show. Loving it.
  5. Drew

    My love for my son . . .

    It's evident you love him more than anything. That is awesome bro!
  6. It is impossible to sit thru that show. That jingle PASS THE GRAVY please. Why does it play 47 times per hour? KRAMER PLEASE GO BACK TO MORNINGS!
  7. Show is better now it's on later. Get a producer though damn.