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  1. PANAMA CITY BEACH — Two 12-year-olds have been charged with cyberstalking in connection with the death of Surfside Middle School student Gabriella Green, who committed suicide two weeks ago. The arrests came as the result of an investigation by Panama City Beach Police into the mitigating circumstances around her death on Jan. 10. According to a news release, PCBPD was made aware of potential cyberbullying against Gabbie, which led them to examine several cell phones and social media accounts. Through that investigation, PCBPD developed two 12-year-old suspects, who were then interviewed and allegedly confessed to engaging in cyberbullying conduct, knowing that their behavior would cause Gabbie emotional distress. Because they are juveniles, their names were not released, but Gabbie’s parents confirmed it is a male and female who were charged. While Gabbie’s parents have maintained that cyberbullying by classmates at Surfside Middle School directly led to Gabbie’s death, PCBPD said in a statement their investigation did not reveal that was the sole cause of Gabbie’s death, just that it was occurring at the time of her death. An official ruling on her cause of death has not yet been released by the Medical Examiner’s Office. Tanya Green, Gabbie’s mother, said the arrests were “gratifying” after her daughter had to suffer in silence “with a smile on her face.” However, she and her husband maintain that blame still lies with the parents and the school system. “It’s going to help others at her school,” Green said. “It’s going to start at her school. It’s going to help others around the world.” In their release, PCBPD warned against allowing children and teenagers unrestricted access to social media and the internet, saying during their investigation, they found several middle school-aged children with “unmonitored access to several social media platforms.” “These specific cell phone applications have been found to be the root of several dangerous and negative situations, such as cyberbullying, sexting and potential access by online predators,” the release read. Some parents believe more has to be done at the schools. Outside Surfside Middle School Monday morning, a handful of parents held signs against bullying and chiding the school’s administration for what they said was a lack of action taken against bullying. “Almost every parent here, their child has been bullied at this school,” said Amy Strout, who has helped organize a Facebook group seeking justice for Gabbie. “This could have been my kid. This could have been their kid.” Many of the parents said they want to see action taken against the Surfside administration. Superintendent Bill Husfelt said in a statement on Monday the school district would not comment on any internal investigations at the school until they have had time to review PCBPD’s statement and investigation. “We continue to mourn the loss of Gabbie and our hearts go out to her family, her friends and to everyone at Surfside Middle School,” Husfelt said. “This is an absolutely tragic situation and our counselors have been at Surfside since we first found out about Gabbie’s death. The counselors have been, and will continue to be, an invaluable resource for the students, and faculty and staff, at this difficult time and they will be available as long as they are needed.” Others at the rally hoped Gabbie’s death would help parents open up a dialogue with their children on empathy and bullying. Many of them blamed social media, but also took aim at parents for letting their children use sites unmonitored and without talking to them about the consequences of their actions. “The parents need to step up and take care of their kids who are the bullies,” said Nicole Ricker. “Stop the hatred. It’s costing us our babies’ lives.” Dawn Graff hoped that inside one of the hundreds of cars driving by their small demonstration on Nautilus Street and Back Beach Road was a child who was being bullied that saw their signs and knew someone cared about them. “If it helps one kid that maybe drives by here and sees our sign and knows that somebody cares, maybe they’ll come forward,” she said. “Then it’s worth it.” PCBPD said in their release they plan to host a training on cyberbullying, cyberstalking and social media for parents, and they urged parents who believe their child is being cyberbullied to contact them.
  2. Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

    EMAILS ABOUT ILLEGAL IMIMIGRATION STORY: kramer koochie grabbuh.............did u make the story about illegals in ca up? tell me that is a work. Listening to your show today repulsed me and put me in a awful mood for the rest of the afternoon. How can a state legally allow illegal immigrants a license and the right to vote when they are breaking a federal law by being here in the first place? This has gotten so out of control, and just because california thinks it is above the law shouldn't be a reason to let them be. Do you have any idea what a racist piece of garbage you sound like when you rail on illegal immigrants? Your an idiot.
  3. I have said it til I'm blue in the face. One of the reason America has been in such poor shape financially is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION! Watch Tucker Carlson break it down.
  4. Hot Lawyer Pia Muelenbeck

  5. During an argument with his girlfriend, a Florida Man allegedly threw a piece of fried chicken at the woman, striking her in the face with the poultry and triggering his arrest for domestic battery, cops report. Juwan Brown, 23, was busted Wednesday evening after a dispute with his live-in girlfriend turned violent in the couple’s St. Petersburg home. After the 6’ 2”, 220-pound Brown stepped on the woman's foot, he “threw a piece of chicken at the victim, striking her in the left side of her face and glasses,” according to a criminal complaint. Brown, pictured above, was subsequently arrested by a sheriff’s deputy and booked into the county jail. Free on $5000 bond, Brown has been ordered by a judge to have no contact with the victim. Court records show that Brown was arrested in 2015 for striking the same woman (who was pregnant at the time). Before pleading no contest to a battery charge, Brown violated the terms of his pretrial release by calling and visiting the victim’s residence, despite a no contact order being in place. Last year, Brown entered a no contest plea for failing to attend counseling sessions and pay fines that were ordered by a judge in the battery case.
  6. CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Cincinnati Police are searching for a west side man wanted for aggravated burglary and domestic violence. According to police reports, on Jan. 9, Michael Mann climbed through an unlocked window of a home on Queen City Avenue near Quebec Road in Price Hill and choked and slapped the victim. Mann is 34, 6-foot-3 and 185 pounds. Police say he has a history of domestic violence, aggravated robberies and drug charges. He was arrested four times in 2017 for domestic violence but not indicted. Mann was last known to live on Ebenezer Road in Green Township. If anyone has any information on where police can find him, please call Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.
  7. An Indiana federal judge denied disgraced ex-Subway pitchman Jared Fogle’s request for early release from prison on Friday. Fogle, who is serving more than 15 years in prison for conspiring to receive child pornography, filed the motion for his early release in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis on Jan. 11. Federal Judge Tanya Walton Pratt denied Fogle’s motion days later. “Fogle again challenges the Court’s subject matter jurisdiction over him and requests immediate release from detention,” Walton Pratt wrote in a court document. “The Motion, Notices and Objection are all DENIED.” Former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle arrives at the federal courthouse in Indianapolis in 2015. (MICHAEL CONROY/AP) He charged in court documents that the “7th Circuit Court, failed Fogle in protecting his rights to being illegally charged with ‘conspiracy’ to receive and distribute child pornography.” Fogle, 40, previously asked the same judge for a shorter prison stay in February 2016 — months after Walton Pratt gave him a hefty sentence. An investigation into Fogle began when federal law enforcement officials raided his Indianapolis home and confiscated several computers and DVDs in July 2015. Earlier that year, Russell Taylor, then-executive director of the Jared Foundation was arrested on child porn charges. Subway cut ties with Fogle amid the investigation. (ROSAMILIO, ROBERT) Fogle was accused of filming minors nude by using hidden cameras in his home, and collecting pornography of children as young as 6 years old. He also reportedly bragged about paying a teen girl for sex. Subway cut ties with Fogle amid the investigation.