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      THE RETURN   12/24/2017

      The Kramer Show will return to News Talk @ 101 on January 2nd. (So we've been told.) In the meantime, this is the new forum. There is a TON of bells and whistles on this forum, and we really hope you sign up and do some posting. We'd love to meet you!

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  1. Since no one else has the balls I will ask it

    Great so more Rick and Goober? fantastic. Maybe next you could put on Clark Howard again.
  2. PS Oprah is a queen.
  3. Rosie should be in there. Love that woman.
  4. Why a forum? What do we do? What will IT do?

    I get it; you want to make sure only the Trump, neo Nazi - militant white supremacists come over here? Gotcha.