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  1. I love listening to you do this show. Wish I'd thought of this.
  2. PACO

    Kramer and burnie

    Kramer make burnie mad again so I can promote my radio station on his facebook.
  3. PACO

    Fire in the Hole

  4. PACO

    Kramer its Paco

    97X sounds fucking outstanding btw.
  5. PACO

    Kramer its Paco

    Dude I am so appreciative of your talent, show and resume. I'm practically a baby deejay compared to you, so hearing your level of a show makes me strive to be better. Eventhough I work for the competition, it isn't really your competition and we both know that. If you have any tips, and don't mind reaching out, that would be killer bro.